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Discussion in 'Activities' started by BUTYOUBADORNAW, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. As per the title, I'm looking to donate a SOD to whoever comes up with the most creative WC ad and clan page art :geek:

    Clan details: Ravens for life, looking for 25mil+ cs but activity considered more then anything

    Best ad on my wall by the start of next event (or couple of days, whichever comes last) wins a SOD or two :D

    Feel free to leave your submission here in forums or on my wall!
  2. May I suggest you keep the seal and give me the clan instead?
  3. If you come up with the best ad I can always buy you a clan instead if that's what you'd like! :lol:
  4. it's not really a giveaway if you have to trade something for it. And i don't think it's worth a hte. Maybe hte with bc or 100 circs on zta
  5. No, you misunderstand.

    I'd just like the clan thanks.
  6. @pk0wn23 WELL I mean technically I'm looking for a trade then! And hey I was just throwing this out there, I felt a sod for a wc ad and another if they wanted to do something cool for cp was fair, but in a trade negotiation is always an option ;)
  7. Then may I suggest a trade?

    I will give you a picture of a lemon for your clan.
  8. Might as well include creating a forum post to recruit for clan
  9. I just want to make clear, it's a very classy lemon image.

    I may have gotten it from google images but it has some sentimental value.

    I'm certain you would find the same enjoyment with it that I have.
  10. Was the lemon at a party when you got the picture?
  11. did seal of the damned increase by 10 nobs?
  12. This guy got a lot of crap for absolutely no reason, a seal for an ad is generous considering there are some people who enjoy doing that art for nothing. If that's not you then leave the thread this isn't for you but don't mock things.

    Stop complaining about forums sucking if you're going to put down every thread that tries something fun
  13. ^I agree completely
  14. Locked by OP's request
Thread Status:
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