Seal of Loyalty Change

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 25, 2015.

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  1. Use your imagination....
    Do ppl hide allies to just waste mith?

    Just sayin....
  2. Just hire not your fault.
  3. Yup play dumb n face any of the music 
  4. I remember we actually asked for this a while back, thanks for finally doing something the community asked for, "exactly" the way we asked for it!
  5. Awful job developers, instead of fixing your dying game you continue to milk your loyal community for all the money they have. Shame on you and your company.
  6. Terrible idea. Now when i hire the guy his LB owner hiding him w a dnh banner is gonna farm me. Appreciate it. Could also lead to people in osw losing gold when its hired bc they dont know the owner is in osw
  7. You clearly don't talk to players first, and clearly don't play the game yourselves. Furthermore, if your taking advice from "Mods" your getting terrible advice.

    1) Hiding owners and showing "Nobody" as owning an ally will in fact cause more issues in the ally market via buying off ppl preparing for war, in osw, touchy LBs, etc (unless that's your plan)

    2) We are going to have profile allies names in the period of time before they hide allies, so it's kinda pointless to hide your allies

    And lastly 3) Hiding an owner of an ally is a function of the game that has 0 value to players; you wasted time and resources on this instead of say.... Bumping active pm messages on PC accts to the top of your friends list (as one example)

    With all the money you been grabbing from us, this is quite possibly one of the worst allocation of working capital by ATA ....

    No support

    ShadyTip: How about talking to us first next time before spending time and money on pointless in game updates like this
  8. Also by "talking to us" we don't mean

    "Talk to a few of us you've developed a relationship with over a few years"

    but rather;

    "Talk to all of us transparently in forums."

    You'd think by now that MAYBE just MAYBE the people you are running your ideas by don't give a crap what the community thinks? Especially since maybe the last 4-5 updates have all been things that like 2 mods and some other dude and like 5 quiet LB people all wanted and no one else?
  9. Define what is a free ally market?
  10. If owner casts then sells will allies owner remain hidden? Or will it display name of new owner?
  11. Depends on if new owner has hidden allies spell cast as usual. Only the former owner can see who bought his ally.
  12. Does this affect the 15 mith spell as well or just 4 mith one?
  13. All due respect to ATA, this is a change I object over.

    Now, a ps can buy an ally, sell him to a waiting friend. Bank immediately and be immune from hits.

    This essentially creates a group of Invulnerable people. It's also great for whales, it not so good for the common Joe.

    I objected strenuously in meetings to this idea, and I still object to it now that it's gone live. It's too powerful and it takes more risk out of the game.

    Players need more risk, not less. But, that's just my moosey 2 cents on the issue
  14. Righteous!
  15. True didn't even think about this. Maybe the cost should go up? Create it into a new spell altogether that cost a lot of mithril to cast? Keeping seal of loyalty
    as a way to hide only allies.
  16. Nerf PS....simple
    End the PvP loophole.
    No more OSF for EE.
  17. You lost me on this one Moose. Wouldn't a PS be able to do the same actions before the change?
  18. You don't get his comments do you? Any account can be untouchable to strips if they just spend a little on mith
  19. Also is this move not to combat some website that is collecting date on Players allies and selling them to OSW clans.

    I thought this was to stop people from cheating?
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