Seal Competitions #2

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  1. Lies all lies
  2. For context, I made these a couple weeks ago. Made fresh dough from scratch, let them rise just a little too perfectly, and the icing is homemade with cream cheese. These were like heaven exploding in my mouth, still warm from the oven and everything. Warm, gooey, fresh, sweet, cinnamon-y goodness.

    Glamour closeup:

    If I'm not allowed to enter after winning, let me know, but quite frankly I love sharing my food both in picture and person. If anyone comes to visit me I'll share so hard.
  3. Is that bacon-wrapped?
  4. [/quote]
  5. Definitely down to go visit you 
  6. Can't seem to post from iPhone and unable to log on with pc to post a picture 
  7. I'm having a party in spring
  8. When, where, what do I bring, and can I take a plus 1 lol
  9. :lol: sometime in May, in Idaho. The more the merrier probably, I'll bake/cook whatever is on hand
  10. Final competition over. :)