Seal Competitions #2

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  1. I heard a story about someone asking some guy wearing turban "are you a Muslim?"
    Guy replies "no I'm Sikh."
    Other guy be like "get well soon"
  2. I'm sorry, this is my chance to share some beauties with the world.

    *I bought a dog from a local blacksmith.

    As soon as I got him home, he made a bolt for the door. 

    *What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo?

    One is really heavy; the other is a little lighter.

    *What's ET short for?

    Because he has little legs.

    *If you ever go bald, you could always tattoo rabbits on your head.

    Why? Because from a distance, they look like hares.

    *Ego and superego walk into a bar. The bartender says, "I'm going to need to see some ID."

    *A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.

    *I tried to tell a joke to some people earlier, but it turned out they were all laughtose intolerant.

    Okay, I'm done. Sorry but I really love these things and this is a tiny fraction of my "approved" list.
  3. Lol. Idk. I have a pretty dark sense of humour. Pretty tame for that topic. Wanna hear a worse one?

    I was discussing with myfriend yesterday what it would be like to lose a kid at child birth. We werent sure if it was a spawn kill or assisted suicide.
  4. Apologies for the lateness everyone, Irma knocked out the power at my place so I had no way to charge phone and get back on.. terribly sorry. :)
  5. Challenge :- only a genius can say these four words,four times really fast without getting tongue tied . EYE, YAM, STEW, PEED .
  6. I'm a genius cuz I said it four times with out fail
  7. I'm sorry but this last one was rigged. "Best joke" going to the one that posted a series of short jokes. Yeah no thanks.

    Edit, after reading the post "Their Second joke cracked me up". This was a rigged competition as the rules were "Post your best Joke". Singular, meaning one.

    Easy to win when you post a series of jokes & have one of them picked as a winner while everyone else followed the rules & posted one.
  8. Not only this, but considering the joke, he/she running the competition must have an extremely tame sense of humour.
  9. Upon further conversation, I feel I should explain my point a bit better.

    When I stated the contest was rigged. I did not mean rigged in the way that op knew the contestant nor that there was direct cheating involved.

    Rigged can also mean, that a rule has been changed or implimented at the end of a contest to justify or validate a winner that was previously not stated or know. This being the case.

    While in fairness op offered to pick a new winner based around a mistake. The announcement has been made. The point of the my remark was never intended to demand a change, nor to earn a easy win as an apology or consolation prize.

    It was to clearly point out the unfairness to the contestants that were unaware of a rule. While it may have been "implied" was never stated. Thus the winner being the odd player out that did not follow the same standard as the rest of the fellow contestants.

    I'm more then fine with loosing, I'm just not able to sit by knowing the loss was against an unfair standard. Loosing the first contest was fine, not based around whom won. Rather that Hades won fair & square following the same standard that all contestants followed.
  10. So did I win?

  11. Thrawn won
  12. He didn't even dy ny good jokes
  13. I will farm op till he names me the winner
  14. @GRYMLN you're not in the list so you're not part of the competition so you're not qualified
  15. Don't matter I'm the winner nd soon will be named the true winner
  16. Bump for start of competition #3