Seal/circle trade suggestion

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  1. With the increased number of scammers wondering around ripping people off on seal/circle/charm, I would like to suggest that seal/circle can be traded directly in chat panel. This will help prevent people from scamming each other.

    I know people will start scamming developers by charge back on their card, so let’s make rules like people who used $200 of nobs to be able to sell seal/circle. In other game that I played we had to train for 12h in total to start trading premium items, let’s find a rule similar to that. Let me know what you guys think!

    People that don’t have anything to contribute please don’t join this thread.
  2. Honestly it's kinda pointless people will still find a way to cheat the system and farm other players for their items. No support
  3. Umm well, I’ll contribute my no support. Farming for things such as seal drops is already against the rules, this would be sort of a way around it for those people, it seems like it would be easier to bully seals and such out of people. And if trading for these was in place people would only buy the daily sales on alts and then send the seals to their main, which would be less money for ATA. I just don’t see a positive in this idea. There’s like currently two HTE/Premium clans and you could just buy a seal from someone who is already a member of the clan. Some clans have trusted sellers also. Regarding trading seals for charms, just ask around for someone trusted or ask other people who they bought from.
  4. If people bully each other for seal then they’ll be punished by developers. There are like 4-5 premium clan now but our clan struggle to find sellers. We have already been scammed for 10 seals by greenraven. We would like a safer way of getting seal to run premium ebs within our clan!
  5. No Support
  6. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Fool me ten’ve got some serious reflection to do my guy
  7. I can't support this since you could easily farm nobs on alts of any size and transfer circles or seals over.

    I don't think making quests not drop nobs is the solution, as I support how it's possible, albeit slow, to get premium items (nobs/seals/circles/royal keys) completely f2p with low but consistent effort. But I do think that function should stay relatively unexploitable.
  8. It was 1 trade to open a nk so not 10 times dude

  9. Is there really any feature around here that can’t be exploited by alts? Given the requirement like must have spent 10-20 seals before being able to trade seal out would make it extremely difficult to farm seal for any profit. Maybe implement a lock system where a seal bought by money is unlocked and can be traded freely but the seals/cirs farmed are locked and can only be trade the old way? At least give us a safe way of getting seals
  10. Just making them tradable doubles the risk of exploiting and bullying people for seals. Look at what's going on in kaw since it first started, if some one thinks itll get them ahead with out getting caught, they'll throw the rules out the window and do what they want anyways.
  11. wait is it againt the rules to farm for charms
  12. No
  13. Then, is there any feature not being exploited by those throwing the rules out? This is at least a safer way of legitimately getting charm/seals

    You’re acting like bullying for seal is not already happening, the victim just have to go to enemy clan to seal themselves in!
  14. Your idea will make it easier to bully people for there seals
  15. It is against the rules to farm for furniture, not charms.
  16. I don’t think your reason is enough to say no support. Op is requesting seal/circle transfer not nobs transfer.
    So right now alts can farm nobs until they can buy a seal or circle, and they can seal or put a circle in the eb and they can request to have a pass on their main n leave the clan, hence op’s system have no bad effects if alts farm nobs.

    Btw, support. I don’t c any badside to it yet. In regarding of people farming people for nobs, in the end, this is a war game
    Edited: Unlike the previous thread to showcase seals n circles, other people wouldn’t know the amount of seals you have. So they wouldn’t farm you
  17. Apologies for the first sentence, it may seem abit rude, but idk of any better way to put it haha
  18. Do people actually get bullied into sealing? Thought that was a myth
  19. It happens more than you think