SC's Plunder Cap Guide

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  1. Learn the game mechanics? Well being this is pre EB update, things may be different now! Think it out before you type... Also, I double and triple checked everything myself, Im 110% sure its all correct.
  2. Old thread, but very good.
  3. Thanks Sholron & Iger...

    I bumped in hope of helping anyone other than me who still have old version of the game (Pre EB)

    Have a good day :)

  4. A bump from the past :lol:
  5. So are these plunder numbers still accurate? I saw in one thread that overall plunder with max ally plunder, all 3 types gave roughtly the same figure. Only Hansel build will be different.
  6. Are you sure this is right? Isn't t3 and t2 plunder support to give the most out of their respected tiers not the same as attack?
  7. Look at the date...this is pre-variable cap on plunder.

    Your max plunder was fixed back then, based on your buildings.

    With enough allies, you'd make the same hitting Red-Star as you would hitting somebody with Spragga's stats (because you can't actually win against Spragga)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.