SC's Plunder Cap Guide

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by SantaCruzz, Jan 31, 2011.

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  2. Nice dude, thanks for info
  3. I don't quite understand how to calculate this.. I just plus all e money related to the building, and that's the money i need to have in allies to mp??
  4. y is it that wen i bought a t4 building my ally punder dropped? it went down. i have 22 lvl 4 guild and 2 lvl 3 strongholds.
  5. Phantom, your stats are higher now which means you've closed the gap between yourself and the targets you hit (if they're bigger than you) meaning your plunder for hitting them will go down.

    If the target is smaller then it's, again, because your stats are higher and now you're even bigger than them. :)
  6. Defense building should get more plunder than attack buildings
  7. I think this guide there some typo error....on the numbers
  8. Nope no typos
  9. Defense buildings give no plunder at all.
  10. Oo. Defense.. These are all offical numbers. If you can prove otherwise please do so
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  12. Damn it oh well nice thread dude
  13. guys i need advice. im starting out with my t4 building with a cursed foundry. and i noticed my plunder didnt go up. wat i wanna have is to reach that "30mil a hit" that was mentioned on earlier posts. obviously im only getting about 20mil a hit now. i bought an 200mil ally just to check the plunder cap, and yes,it didnt go up. ally plunder is max out. so im guessing i just nid to upgrade my t4 now? and what t4 should be recommended for quests?
  14. I said defense attack buildings (circs, titians lair , ETC.)
  15. thats for questing?def buildings?
  16. Is this for build plunder, ally bonus, or total plunder?

    If it's ally bonus, I have data that contradicts yours and I'd like to chat to reconcile.
  17. Seeing as there is no such this as a plunder cap this guide is pointless, wrong and misleading.

    Please learn more about game mechanics and then start trying to teach others.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.