SC's Plunder Cap Guide

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by SantaCruzz, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Ahhh Trolling in my thread! :lol:
  2. Necro, I said nothing to u so shut ur mouth.

    I was sharing my opinion that the numbers seem to low. Most ppl recomend 5b for a t3 lcbc
    Howw does 10b make sence for t4?

    Next time look up and read my posts b4 calling me out
  3. IOnly noobs with t3 have 5bil in allies........ 10b is ideal.
  4. Ur making my arguement stronger-.- If 10b is ideal for t3bc hows it make any sence for that to be recommended for t4.

    THAT is what I was saying
  5. Gtfo and stop trolling in my thread.
  6. Santa, what?

    M8, hows anything I said considered trolling? Read my posts, all I did was support ur thread.

    The only thing i refuted was what Necro said, and even then just his arguement. That noobs the one who
    decided to run his mouth on me.

    W/e guess thus is a bump.

  7. Supporting as in filling it with posts... Yes. Bump
  8. Mohammad,

    You are insulting my intelligence when you say that the number i gave "is from common knowledge".

    Its not from common knowledge. Dont assume that. If it was "Common Knowledge" Why would anyone ask? Obviously its not common knowledge. And obviously not everyone knows what it is.

    The following is Common Knowledge According to Mohammad:

    3,000,000,000- 3,500,000,000 will max T2 buildings.

    4,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000will max T3

    And if T4 are double the strength of T3 and maybe even 4x the strength, its safe to say that,

    10,000,000,000 (which is double what it took to max T3 and over 3x what it took to max T2) in allies MINIMUM should have you at max plunder for T4.

    And this isnt including, the hansel T4 build. Im talking attack/def/balanced/mixed (spies and troops) builds.

    Now u wanna sit here and say that all of this is common knowledge; and for everyone to know this off the top of their head?

    If u dont like 10B as a number, then provide one of your own.
  9. 5million :lol:
  10. Slight problem the defense buildings give more plunder than attack and balanced. So I think u mixed defense and balanced up. If u say hes talking about the 2 hits then the defense is still wrong.
  11. I tested these all myself over & over. Im 100% sure they are right.
  12. Ur wrong.... Defense gives more plunder or T2 T3and T4 do.
  13. Btw u don't have any T4 or T3
  14. And then you have the nerve to say that im a noob?

    Let me tell you something Mohammad,

    When you ask for someone's advice/opinion you have no right to judge them based on the answer they give. (unless its blatently incorrect)

    YOU asked how much it might take to max your plunder with t4 buildings.

    Let me break this down for you, because YOU are obviously the noob here buddy:

    Did you say what kind of T4 build you are looking to be? Nope

    Hansel build will need More plunder obviously, because of the T4Lv3 Guilds, and their 700k plunder they give per building.

    Mixed build may need a little more as well, because its troop buildings and spy buildings.

    Pure attack/def/balenced will need its own as well.

    Now since you failed to provide us with this info, we are left to guess what the hell one u want to be.

    10,000,000,000 is fair number to go with, and i explained why in my last post, for the general public.

    If u want to know about hansel plunder, or mixed plunder caps then specifiy.

    You ask if someone knew, i offered up a number, u shot it down. Why the **** would you ask for someone's opiniom only to shoot it down?

    Obviously if ur asking, YOU DONT KNOW.

  15. Okay guys, lets stop! mohommad already left.

    Gods-Warrior, I got t4 from friends... all others i got myself.
  16. K but srsly developererererererators sticky this thread
  17. I disagree but it's not my thread.
  18. Ummmm, Necros right 12bil ally = 50bil plunder maxed t4 At Most makes 30mil a hit so ya 10bil is prob. Maxed :D
  19. TYPO!!!

    Only if 12bil allies gave 50bil bonus :lol:

    I think u meant 50mil
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