scrubs at war

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -lilil-_-H3llB0UND-_-lilil-, Oct 28, 2016.

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  1. You go scrubs
  2.  the salt from you is amazing.
  3. tbh you should be thanking Ren for hiring that garbo ally of yours
  4. Yea I forgot to thank him. I've been trying to get that ally hired for soo long.
  5. What do you mean? You say this every time yet your the one warring at FFA clans 24/7 cuz you can't find a real one to war at
  6. Mc hammer won ? Congrats bro, about time. Anyone bought him a cake yet ?
  7. BUT you're finding people from wc almost everytime you want to get a war. 
    How many clans have kicked you to the side like a regular side chick?
  8. I find people from wc and others from pm. Yet I win? So don't trash talk
  9. 3 wins. You're totes a legend. 
  10. How many wins do you have wcing and running a roster?
  11. My friend Phoenix runs mixed random world chat rosters and wins against clans that aren't just FFA. That takes more skill.

    And there's nothing wrong with only doing FFA wars. Some people just want the items and don't feel like devoting themselves to a real war. I do FFA once in awhile when I'm too tired to do a real war.
  12. Pheonix is a good wc, and he runs ps1 rosters. There are always fast ps1 looking for war

  13. NOOOOO I CAN PEE FURTHER... MORON get a clue these threads are useless and unwarranted, and don't prove anything other than you're a crybaby. Please just stop
  14. Cry baby? I'm not even complaining lmfao 
  16. Zzz hellbound not complaining, that's new
  17. Lmfao go hide once you were proven to be bad once again
  18. Wait a god damn minute.. this ffa clan he wars at regularly forced you to disband your last clan after a loss, and has more wins than your current clan. Scrubs op legit war clan k
  19. [="-lHllEllLllLllBllOllUllNllDl-"]
    Cry baby? I'm not even complaining lmfao [/quote]

    Not complaining yet had to reply and find yourself in my news feed....keep it up see how far u get
  20. I was just in a war with him he WC 8 Hybrid and 7 Ps1 and he's done it for 2 wars. So no he doesn't do PS1 only :(
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