School and Religion

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  1. Gods.




    Do you believe in these mythical religious entities? Some do. Some don't. Many arguments have never been settled over the legitimacy of organized religions and their respective leaders, Gods, creators, etc.

    Learning of history in school is necessary in my opinion.

    But, does the "practice" of religious ceremony belong in school?

    I was a part of a discussion on this in WC, and it was passionate. Please express your opinion on this in a respectful but objective way. Let's see what you all think....
  2. Religion does help set a moral baseline, especially when you're young and can be moulded.

    But it does stiffle free thinking.
  3. I don't think the practice of religion should be in schools. Should be secular just like our government should be
  4. NO. There are too many different beliefs about religion, and too much conflict over it.

    Religion should be practiced in the home and within the religious groups where it was taught. It should stay out of all public venues.

    Some exceptions I would say are acceptable venues are traditional and people can choose their own context or value to these sayings:
    • "In God We Trust"
    • "One Nation Under God..."
    • "God Bless the U.S.A."
    • etc.
  5. I had to do the "Pledge of Allegiance" every morning before school.

    Our government made us pledge. Our allegiance. Every morning as children.

    Under aged pledges.

    That's brainwashing, not a harmless "pledge". And the words "one nation, under God" was a religious brainwash.

    Children are forced to do this still. It's sad. I don't agree with forcing thought. Teaching of religion, vs trying to force view is two slightly different things.

  6. I disagree Willy. Forced thought of any kind can be considered brainwashing. Another perspective is the teachings of traditions. It happens in every country that exists.
  7. Where is the line between teaching and forcing beliefs on someone?

    I disagreed with forcing thought, so you agree with me?
  8. Where you stated teaching of religion vs. trying to force view - I likely misunderstood that to mean teaching of religion wasn't brainwash, but forcing patriotic view is. Looking at it again, I'm not sure what you meant, so I apologize if I read it wrong the first time.

    To me, teaching patriotism falls under the category of traditional teaching. I'm sure many would say the same for religion.
  9. It baffles me to think that some want our public school system to teach religion. That goes against so many of our ideals.

    As for the pledge... I think this video sums it up well:
  10. Some aspects of religion should be taught on school. Of all religions or at least a wide variety. Believe in a god or dont, there is a alot good wisdom to be found in religious text. This is especially true when it comes to coping with hardships in your personal life. Combine these religious teachings with a general understanding of psychology and maybe a bit of meta physics and a child will grow up having all the knowledge he/she needs to have peace and clarity of mind. Peace of mind is important in any aspect of life. It helps one to achieve goals, overcome hardships, strive to be a better person, see things more positively, not take things for granted and really just personal happiness overall. Religious or not, it's pretty likely that most of you at some point in your lives will turn towards religion or a religious related practice to help you either have peace of mind or to better yourself. So why not make sure our children learn these things? Young adults make many mistakes and it's usually not until we are older that we gain the coping skills to deal with our problems and emotions. As I set before there is much useful knowledge and examples on religious text. Flip a few pages of the bible and your going to spot something that's relevant to your own life and likely get some good advice on the matter. With a general understanding of the human mind and a bit of spirituality you can interpret religious text in anyway you see fit, and it's still going to be helpful to you.
  11. Jesus was an alien
  12. Ok then^..
  13. this is what's wrong with willy..
  14. It isn't forced in the mornings willy as I know because I'm a freshman this year .. You are supposed to sing it but you aren't looked upon if you don't . I sometimes do sometimes I don't
  15. Reptilian represent
  16. Depends on where you are. I just dont say God when we do it, I doubt anyone other than my friends have ever noticed. In some places you can get in deep trouble for not saying it.
  17. Ingerpums, that video link you posted is a really good example of NATIONALISM. Search "what is the difference between patriotism and nationalism"

    Back on topic, should we allow the practice of religion in schools? I still say no.
  18. I believe if i child is interested in learning in such a subject they should have an option to, however i do not believe it should be a requirement for all students
  19. There is ample historical evidence that the Buddha did exist. Remember that Buddha was a man who sought enlightenment. He was got a GoD.
  20. The video I posted is an example of satire. Got nothing to do with nationalism or patriotism.