Scavenger Hunt - Remembrance

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  1. Kaw Scavenger Hunt 2019

    Favorite Screenshots/Memories from the past.

    Theme: Remembering the good times

    This year’s KAW Scavenger Hunt asks you, the users, to take a moment and reflect on the past. Remember the good times, the epic times, the laughs, loves, and friendships created through KAW. Remember the great battles and the greater victories.

    Take a moment and reach out to an old player that left a mark on you. Maybe they don’t play anymore- post their wall. Keep their memories alive.

    Post a memory or a screenshot below of a memory that impacted you in kaw.

    Here are a few favorite kaw memories from an old player (guess who :lol: ) who was banished from our realm:

    1. Dedicated Hate Clans.

    2. The ability to silence mine enemies

    3. When black hand was cool enough to get ceasefire requests like this:

    4. When people get confused about being stripped, despite actively hitting you in an osw.

    5. Swabia having faith in IG. Lol

    6. When your mole is moling on the mole.

    7. The_philosopher sticking his nose in everything.

    8. Willy’s Couch


    9. When Ash and I were fighting

  2. Reserved for my own SS later.
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  4. good old times!
  5. Fixed the GIF
  6. Man this brings me back. Aaaahhh. The good ol’ days before the ebs
  7. I lost all my SS of musang crying over the years... RIP old Galaxy 5... oh and RIP IDD. *smileyface
  8. I got a few Memories.

    That one time a dropped a build that wasn't mine.

    When I posted my suicide letter to forums. (yikes)

    And when I got Apoc banned for being a mole when I wasn't a mole I was just pretending to be a mole to see what some people were up to.

    Good timesssssss.

    Oh and when ML was a large viable Merc clan