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  1. All banners are a joke. We were told they were to be a certain value but then they are decreased upon achievement. Top 10 banners were said to be 4% and they decreased to 3.75%. And when I asked the devs it was said to be a visual glitch. Well you know this is a glitch but yet you never informed the player base at all. It’s not fair for y’all to go out saying something is this many stats and then in reality it is less and then respond with an empty apology saying we will fix it next time. Yeah next year when a new banner event finally happens. It’s only fair the banners get readjusted for all players and all new banners. We can’t let ourselves as a player base be straight lied to and take it like nothing happened. Other poor decisions have been made by devs before but none were they knew the problem existed but then carried on like nothing was wrong. What a joke.
  2. But if it’s only a visual glitch, does it affect the stats...?
  3. I believe they mean the original values are the visual glitch and the lesser values are intended.
  4. The latest asw banner was 4%. I see no issue with the top 10 banner being just under that. 3.75% to all stats is still massively powerful compared to most banners.
  5. No support I didn’t have top 10 banner
  6. Can't it be upgraded with tokens to 4%?
  7. Latest ASW banner is 4.5%, 2017 ASW is 4.25%, and 2016 was 4%. But if it's visually 3.75% and upgraded to 4% makes it a fair reward. It wouldn't be right if a short while after ASW they release a banner that matches the stats of it, would kinda be like saying "Congrats on winning our biggest event of the year, but that banner is really just for looks now because this is just as powerful." War and PvP are two different things and I feel the ASW banner of that year should always be the most powerful until the next ASW.
  8. My bad on the % but honestly I still don't think it's a big deal. 3.75% in all stats is huge and I imagine it can be upgraded?
  9. I don’t care that the banner is not 4% I’m mad they tell us 4% or 2% for the 40k but it drops down to 3.75% and 1.5% when you actually get them.
  10. I can understand being upset over that.

    Imagine spending cash to hit that goal only to not get what you've earned.
  11. Exactly!
  12. I see 4% on your profile I guess thats happened when you enchanted it?

    Pve stats Level 1 = 3.75. Level 2 = 4 (Displays as +1) Level 3 = 4.25
  13. Yes I leveled mine once. But originally it was 3.75 but was showed in rewards as being 4.
  14. Word of advice. Don’t spend money on this sinking ship of a game... you’ll never feel scammed that way. ️
  15. It looks like the pop-up description in the rewards section was rounding numbers. Some players were seeing 1% and others were seeing 2% when the banner was 1.5%, and players were seeing 4% when the banner was 3.75%. Each banner is giving the correct stats to each player, but we do understand that it can be quite frustrating for the reward to appear lower than players initially thought.
  16. I think you misspoke there it’s not frustrating it’s false advertising. This is a pay to win game for top tier rewards, lets not kid ourselves about that . You advertised a banner with different stats than you provided. If I went to buy a Tv that was advertised as 60” for 500$ and they told me sorry are computer rounded. It’s actually a 55” for 500$. Guess what happens?
  17. I get my money back
  18. Everything in this game is a pay real money to get a good rank each event to secure a good piece of equipment ....and what happens?...within 2-3 months another event with a base level higher than your level 10 top tier equipment comes out...if you are still making any effort in events at this point ...are you getting scammed?...or are you just dumb
  19. Dev

    the thing is you don't 'understand'...

    the correct answer is 'we understand the frustration and have adjusted the rewards to the advertised amount... thanks for your continued support kaw community you rock!'

    This is what you were meant to say..

  20. @Devil- I would disagree with you on this. I’m not getting scammed or dumb for that matter. I choose to play Kaw and enjoy it. This is part of my entertainment that I choose to spend money on. Others may want to spend their money on concerts or alcohol or whatever. The fact is I think kaw has done a good job of providing members with free stuff so they can grow without spending if they choose to.

    I have a couple other BC accounts that I haven’t spent a single dime on to get BC. On this account I prefer to play differently that’s my choice for my money. What I don’t agree with is advertising something as a reward and then not following through with what was advertised.

    I know most people find it idiotic to spend money on a game but it’s what I choose to do and to each his own.

    I think Kaw has done an excellent job in the last year of trying to bring more contents and freebies to the player base and I applaud their effort.

    That’s just my 2 cents worth. Happy kawing...