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  1. Posting this on a alt account because im a sissy and got farmed to extinction a few years ago because dumb forum post :lol: Forgive for grammer/bb code. really high rn :ugeek: WORTH THE READ.

    Kaw Has been at a decline of users, activity, and social interaction for years. World chat now can be as slow as 15minutes+ on oldest post, where kaw WC used to be 30seconds or faster. This is proof that the amount of players has declined, as if we needed proof...

    Before i start i understand games come and go, and nothing can last forever.

    Ok Lets first talk about the Problems

    #1 Kaw economy. That is a big factor and a very complicated/probably unfix-able problem. As these zta/hte and promo's keep rolling in, Kaw is essentially "Printing" money. YAY RIGHT? No, unfortunately this is a big no-no in economics 101. This is inflation and is caused rapidly due to random zta events, or the recent black Friday sale This means the price of "Goods" (lands) has to increase. Creating a bigger and bigger gap for small players and the middle class to get build complete. Even a lot of Build complete people quit Kaw with the newest abyssal lands.

    #2 Social Interaction. This is the backbone of Kaw and of its entire existence. I once read a article where it stated these key points points:
    "If you play Kingdoms at War for 30 days, you will play on infinitely.”
    "That means that A Thinking Ape’s lifetime user value for the game is huge."

    This is because Kaw used to be a very social interactive game. Back when clans meant something and people would go into clan chat for hours with friends. Your logs would be full with private messages from friends and wall post were actually a thing. This has now changed due to people splitting apart for faster ebs clans or hte. For why? I think its mainly for gold. People don't want to hit t7 ebs that take 8hrs when they could hop to a bigger clan and make more gold faster. Wars also united hundreds of players, which have been on the decline, although improved with events...(kinda)

    #3Banana hungry apes. Before anyone gets triggered. I understand this is a business. I also understand devs that this puts clothes on your family and lambos in your garage. With that said to what extent are you trying to squeeze the last dollars out of this game? Because that's what it feels like. Horrible analogy time! :lol: [There is only one apple tree left. The devs being hungry for the apples eat every single apple without planting more trees. When they could of rationed and in the long run had way more "apple trees" in the long run.] You no longer try and attract new players like before. And any new player often feels overwhelmed with their statless account. (yes u give free highlands/ silver bar promos) BUT the only chance the have of seeing build complete is a one way trip down money lane.


    #1Economy. This is a tough one because devs still need to make money. To start no new lands for a LONG TIME. This may bore the top 5% of players ( which is the devs money makers) But it will greatly help the longevity of the game. This will help the economy and will slowly allow more people to get closer to build complete. As for new players they need a system that stimulates growth while keeping new gold low. aka pvp/wars. This will create gold while minimizing inflation. BUT pvp would need a huge revamping because as of now only way to make money is ebs/events with pvp. Or creating a gambling system that would help get rid of all of the extra money, while sometimes paying players greatly. As long as the system is taking 2 gold and giving back 1.

    #2Social Interaction. This is a easier one and has been discussed on how to fix in dozens of forums. First, Create a bonus for people staying in the same clan for a extended period of time. Like an EE but for clans, and every time you leave your current clan the level of "EE" decreases. 1month=1% plunder 6months= 5% 1year=15% bonus 2years= 25% plunder. These are just suggestions for percentages. I suggest capping it around 25%, or more inflation will happen. This will increase clan loyalty and user interactions. People might start making friends again! Another suggestion that i have not seen yet but may of already been said is "Clan merging" This is where clans could pay a fee and the clans would be connected. Merging each clan would cost money and increase. First clan=10T Next-25T Next- 50T Next- 150T Next- 250T etc. This would get rid of money in Kaw, and would provide a lot of room for new features and bonuses. Lets say, the Eb bonuses would combine, or players would get nobility for every trillion damage done on ebs, and even more nobility for every thousand actions on pvp. Another idea is creating a monthly and ONLY monthly super eb where all players in the merged clan could attack it at once, and it would drop the normal amount of gold, create a "eb tax" and randomly drop goodies like nobs, xtals,plunder bonuses, and mith. It could be like old man's ebs where this is diffrent difficulty tiers. And finally either switch Ally chat to Merged CC or add another chat.

    #3Banana hungry apes Easy fix, listen to the community and this post. In the long run you will be making more money and driving more players to your game. I do truly believe this game still has the potential to become top 5 on grossing again with some hard work on the developing teams part.

    Final words/Conclusion.I understand that essentially re-coding a game takes time, and money. I understand that it is easier to post b2b events that are easy gold mines for your pockets. I understand buying ad space on websites/other games takes money as well. But are u kidding me mobile strike and all the other ads for games i see pop up have nothing on Kaw. The graphic team has created a masterpiece with the GUI and i still haven't get bored seeing the same home screen for 5 years+ I spent over 90 minutes writing this because i care deeply for this game and feel i can speak for a lot of people in this community. I have only touched on the important topics in my opinion but there are still tons of great ideas floating around the forums that never get implemented. Its just sad. Please Support or criticize below!
  2. Great ideas. Agreed
  4. See, the economy has always been infinite. Every action ever taken by every has added gold to the game. It was never a matter of infinite gold, just how fast it could get there... if that makes sense.
  5. I think we can fix kaw but not talking about the problems then they dont exist
  6. I enjoy this thread mostly because a lot of ideas listed I personally have never thought about or read about. Whether or not they are implemented this kind of thinking would be beneficial for the devs to see. Support
  7. So what happens when people get kicked and lose there two year bonus? I guess this might help dividing clans more to be honest
  8. I appreciate you putting the time into a post to benefit kaw. Well done. I only see one answer to be honest.
    The events should be different leagues depending on our rankings and/or MCS.
    Only then will it be more fair. Perhaps you would have to qualify to enter your league then we would have more winners instead of just at LB level.
    E.g. 0mcs-50 50-150 150-600 600-1200+ for leagues or similar brackets.
    Not too much deep thought about it sorry because thats straight off the top of my head.
    But yes the problem is 5mcs should not be competing against 1200mcs.
  9. Correspondingly this should be the benchmark setting for all star wars also each at league level. Leagues should be decided and segregated by overall game ranking.
  10. Promotion and demotion would be simple as the league events all have staggered start times. Each account would only get there own league info. Promotion and demotion during an event would be suspended until the event end to prevent any loopholes via dropping builds or ally strips influencing league results. Hmmm i like this idea more and more and its simple.
  11. Good call OP, solid thread and ideas. I'd add one thing, as a community, if we want the game to thrive then to start we need to go to our App Stores and rate this game 5 stars. The odds of someone downloading this game go down considerably when it's rated less than 4 stars. How many 2-3 star apps do you download to tryout on a whim?
  12. The way I see it there is nothing wrong with this game.

    There is people at every size to hit.

    Release 200 new lands it will still be exactly the same game.

    Have fun this isn't a job.
  13. Your solution to the economy "issue" is just ridiculous you still won't have any chance of winning on the big guys or catching them unless you spend money.

    So just play the game or not whatever.
  14. Fix KaW? There's not really too much left to fix.
  15. Runaway economy will always be a major issue. No matter what price you pit on new lands, some will bc in days. Need something to spend money on that's not perm. Maybe new pots with 10b att and Def power for 1 trill a pc? Or be able to modify looks of existing buildings without affecting stats. Kaw needs expensive stuff that will basically waste money. Every time new lands or ugs come out the gape between bigs and smalls gets wider.