--SassyFire-- tell us your story !

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  1. i am on a massive project and am compileing a flick through kaw time .Documenting all the gem characters of kaw that may not be a in your face member but are worth remembering just the same being a part of Kaw history. Word has it that you did a runner during Last rites osw.So i would be honoured to learn your side of it .Was Black Hand that brutal that you fled the scene ??
  2. You're so cool Roni
  3. Death to all 
  4. Roni can dig up information like a pro. I've never eaten son much popcorn
  5. Roni is Scotland Yard so this should be even better than the other thread 
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  7. Hmmm i wonder if they notice this post
  8. Let the fun begin
  9. Black hand were bae
  10. Roni has always been illiterate
  11. Oh damn! A copy of an original thread. Way to go roni! Completely original and with such creative thinking
  12. What u know about bh?
  13. I bet it won't be locked because it's Roni. #socialism
  14. It's a different thread. Also that comment would make sense if the other thread had been locked. Still open
  15. Wouldn't a copy of a thread be considered unoriginal and spammy? I'm not against trolling, and I enjoy this, but just stating something I thought was a fact. :4
  16. Roni for Director of Intelligence at the CIA

  17. Roni you are so awesome
  18. I second this notion
  19. No because how many different threads have been forum games, which weren't original but just reruns of the same old stuff.
  20. Well sassyFire knows this thread was written i even saw her on forums after it was written but she ignored .But expects me to reply to her one about me . But she admitted on 3rd party app she had been in Last rites but said she was dropped after a month because of Draginfly. Weird she hasnt been on forums again since haha.