Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review

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  1. If you browse on the internet on a samsung you are susceptible to viruses, on iPhone it's impossible to get a virus on it, and if there is you hve to manually put it there
  2. And now for something you didn't know ...

    I can't believe it either..
  3. No, on an android device you have to install an app that carries the malicious coding. Android is a linux type of os, its not a windows pc.
  4. You need to learn to operate an android then..
    Been operating it since years and still Never got any malwares or viruses

    Btw search up the playstore and there are free antivirus apps
  5. One plus 2 FTW !

    Btw asus zenfone 2 has a terrible battery life and too many bloatwares on asus..So I wouldn't suggest it unless you can root your phone and remove those bloatwares
  6. Pls different color. Blue hard to read 
  7. Correct, you would have to go out of your way to get malware or a virus.
    Even doing so you'll have to go through a few things that will warn you. Use common sense and don't download that app off of chrome that claims there are over 19 single hot women in your area!
    Yes PlayStore is safe and apps that you install will actually say what permissions they will be given right before you tap "accept".

    You can intall APKs that you did not get from tbe PlayStore, but you wll have to do a few things that will warn you about installing APKs from unknown source's.

    No, not possible. Unless you download fishy apks that prompt you to install them.
    It is much harder to get a virus or malware on a IOS device because of how much apple locks up and restricts their systems. Android is much more open, which leaves it slightly more vulnerable. But again, just use some common sense and you'll be fine.

    Jailbroken IOS devices can get viruses by the way.

    Also what do you mean by "a Samsung"? I think Android device/smartphone is what you're looking for. Samsung just has a non stock version of Android which is slightly modified for their devices (and which i think looks, feels and functions really well). Their bootloader and Recovery is also different but much better for their smartphones.
  8. ^This
    But only if you're on a budget.
  9. You haven't ever got adult videos on your iPhone then
  10. Kaw is for android (google play) also. So it is available for Samsung devices. Going for a Samsung device will still allow you to kaw to your hearts desire.

    I play on both android and iOS platform and my personal favorite is on android. So I would recommend going for android.

    However I don't know much about this phone you are talking about so I can't say much about that haha. Hope you get the phone you want. Good luck.
  11. Moto E 2nd gen is good
  12. Kasama helped me a lot with phones & technical advice with phones & I now might be getting a Nexus 5x.. Hopefully this phone is worth it's price!
  13. If your clan does roster checks.. Get an iOS device.
  14. No kidding. Doing roster checks and updating titles on android is almost torture.

    Nexus 5 from what i remember was a good phone and being unlocked with no bloatware just makes it all the better.