Same Roster Hybrid Wars

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  1. Tired of leaky eb fairies who get eaten alive in ka wars and ally lbs dropping build just to destroy Tired of just diving troops to zt in indi wars and spending an entire war spamming regens? Tired of tanks getting fb stolen, ps1 leaking fb to hybs, and turtles hiding behind the great wall of china in LL wars? Well, I propose a new type of war that can change all that and incite euphoria in the hearts of every kaw warrior, same roster hybrid wars.

    In this type of war, every single warrior will have a build of 100m/100m/100m/100m. No leaks, no turtles, no ally lb players dropping build to crush players in a lower bracket. Every war will be won and lost on strategy and war capability alone. Wow, wouldn’t that be a nice change for once? Sure, there will be inactives and rage quitters and people who enjoy tanking at 2/0, but that’s inevitable. I just want to see a war where all players get to make use of both troops and spies in interesting ways.

    Bang out. ✌️

    p.s. devs: Honestly, I’d pay for some premium woc that costs nobs for this type of war.
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  2. Yes... Premium war pass.... That could be good.

    Csgo does "Prime" Membership to get away from cheaters
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  3. Is it a good idea? Yes. Will the devs support it? No. Want the devs to take action? Farm the spenders and strip them hit there income is the only way to get the attention of devs if you want wars to change unfortunately.
  4. we have a war mode where people are all the same size and bfa/bfe counts for almost nothing. it’s called lowland
  5. yea but it’s still prone to people having terrible builds and weirdly stacked rosters.