Same Gender Marriage [MGTD]

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  1. That's the thing. It's not a Christian tradition.

    Christians have a tradition that marriage is between a man and a woman (it actually used to be many women if the man so wanted) but the concept of marriage did not originate with Christianity. People were getting married long before the bible.
  2. Very well put. See, I look at things from both an economic and Christian standpoint. Both of those say homosexuality isn't that great.

    Gays or Lesbians don't reproduce like everyone else. This means that if a large part of the population can't repopulate, our world will stagnate or even decline.

    Second, for those who say this is a part of culture and that cultural diversity is great, wow. That's not correct. Look at all the trouble this has caused. While legislature is worrying over legalizing homosexuality, they could have been working towards making their country more financially stable, etc.
  3. I know this comment isn't on topic, but, why tell everyone in the title of the thread that this is a "make a good threD"?

    Just curious lol
  4. Ehhhhh, my two cents without quoting a bazillion on you all is simple.....I personally believe that carpet munchers and hotdog lovers commit sin....I also know the bible is clear on sin, but as many have said before...sin=sin. To hate those who munch on carpets and love on the hotdogs is just as shameful. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. Do not judge lest ye be judged, so get the daggone log out of your eye before we attack those who have splinters in theirs. I also believe that the US has back peddled tremendously on faith based decisions...if we want to take back our religious rights, kaw aint the place.....get to church and vote in RL...stop whining and complaining about your freedoms disappearing. Youre giving them away

  5. Thank you, did not think about that
  6. Once marriage became a 'legal' binding of two people, separation of church and state kicks in.

    Marriage may have its roots in religion but from a legal stand point thats irrelevant.
  7. MGTD is Make a Good Thread Day.....
  8. Why do the Amish get away with ****** and pedophilia? Someone please answer me this.
  9. It's to label the threads that participated in the event. Or to tell why it was made.
  10. same gender marriage is wrong. i think it should be legal forever. im sorry to all the same gender lovers but its wrong.
  11. @ Fritzmann

    Homosexuality is already legal. SCOTUS struck down all homosexual conduct laws in 2003. What's being considered now is finally granting the LGBT community the same liberty and equal protection under the law as everyone else.

    @ lIII_CrAcKeRsPuReTaCo_lIIl

    You're welcome

    @ The_Postman

    I think you're confusing your right to religious freedom with the ability to deny others their rights.
  12. yes its legal but the marriage isnt.
  13. I believe he is referring to you using a quote from Justice Roberts that was also on this article. You quoted the Chief Justice so I see nothing wrong with that. Your aloud to have the same quote in different articles :D
  14. maybe they should legalize
    it in one state and then all
    the gays/lesbians can libe there lol. then the people whi dont like it dont have to be surrounded by it. it aswell gives christians a chance to maybe help them and try to teach them the gospel if they want to live there. agree, disagree? just an idea sorry if i offend.
  15. You're right, I did quote the Chief Justice. You're supposed to make an EXACT copy when quoting someone.

    However, I didn't use the article he posted.
  16. It would be like pushing the natives west. No. No. No. No. No. No.
  17. How about the people against it go live in isolation instead?

    Does a same sex married couple somehow effect how you live your life?

    Do they impede your abilities to carry out your normal activities?
  18. Ok, it was this point where I stopped reading this thread, it started a good discussion but degraded as religions were challanged.

    If I may add my two cents, as I see it religion is to be a union between man and woman, as it is a Christian construct which has been adopted into human society (no I am not Christian) and has evolved into the sharing of work benefits, such as insurance, through the family, effectively allowing the woman to be off work for a time, due to maternity for example, without the worry of losing work related benefits.

    May not make sense as I put it, not the bar wording I know, have a good day all

    EDIT: sorry just and addition, I just want to add I have no problem with same sex couples, the only time I would have an issue with one is when they force it into my face, what comes to mind being those who force it into your face, such as extensive PDA in public.

    And please don't get me wrong, this annoys me with heterosexual couples as well
  19. I would just like to start off by saying that I by far have no extensive knowledge in any of these subjects, nor will I ever claim to.

    The first point I'd like to make is that the very people who are making the argument that it is against their Christian religion, are going against the Bible themselves. I'm not Christian or religious in anyways; however, I was raised by the Bible. Something in the Bible says for passing judgement on another, you condemn yourself because you practice the same things. You who judge those who practice such things, yet do them yourself (or something along those lines). It is said that nobody shall be judged except in the eyes of God. Who are you to judge your "neighbor"?

    My second point is that most people that are right in the mind would agree that racism is also morally and religiously wrong. African-Americans, Asians, and many other races have been fighting, and still are, since the beginning of time to be able to gain equal rights for themselves and everybody. My question is what is the difference between denying someone their rights because they are physically different than yourself, and denying someone their rights because they are mentally and emotionally different than you? Acceptance is important in today's society, and the world would be much better place if people would accept that people are not all the same, and everything does not happen by the way they were raised.

    Although it is your right to say that gay marriage shouldn't be allowed, I feel that is nobody's right to tell someone they are not good enough to have the same rights you think you deserve.

  20. Thank you for a reasonable and intelligent response. I guess my main point is that I have been a Christian for many years now, Its taken a long time to come to the point of understanding that I have and i have much more understanding to obtain. So it doesn't make sense to me when I see ppl 'cherry picking' their verses completely out of context with little or no understanding of what they mean.
    The bible was over a period of over 4000 years. I think, you are (just my personal opinion) mistaking inconsistency with situations and times changing.
    I'd like to use a quick metaphor to perhaps help you understand. If someone was to tell you they were, idk, let's say a soccer player (try not to not pick a random example), your realise there are many different levels of soccer players. There are different clubs, different styles of play, different positions in the game, different personalities within the game, soccer politics so to speak, and most importantly- ppl take the sport much more or less seriously then others. Some are opinionated about the sport and even overbearing, some are highly passionate, some have their facts or opinions backwards. And soccer even has the occasional crazy- like what's his name biting ppl 
    Everyone accepts this to be true. They accept the differences as ppl just being different and the game being occasionally different. But not with Christianity, even tho it is far larger and complex and has been going over 6000 years....
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