Same Gender Marriage [MGTD]

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  1. That would be because he's spouting drivel with as much factual support as the contents of a playboy letters page. Gay has meant happy since the word was the Old French Gai in the 12th century. Looking online for all of a minute lead me to this quite frankly shocking revelation leading me to suspect old tweedle dumb there tends to either just make stuff up and call it a fact or he's to dumb to use google. I'm leaning towards making stuff up as he can use forums however badly it maybe . Older names for homosexuals would be sapphic catamites buggerers and lots of others. Speaking of older uses of words dear numbnuts you are a tedious fool.
  2. I said send the all homesexuals to island not anyone else. So doesn't force anyone to be homesexuals . And technology cannot give make a man have a child yet . Also if they went to a island assuming this island had labs for pertenity which why would if all habitats chose a lifestyle that didn't give them the option for children. Let's face it it's not natural. Freedom freedom freedom i know.. Has anyone even stopped to consider what marriage is? It's a contract binding you your partner and the state into a business contract for taxable reasons . It is not the you god and your spouse thing people actually marry for. So why do people sign a business contract with state that makes state head of the union and other 2 parties silent. What I'm saying is homesexuals and non homo sexuals can make a commitment to eachother with God a s a witness and pronounce love ect. When ya sign the contract you actually give up freedoms . If ya don't believe me about marriage being a contract between you state ect do your research I have. So homo people of the world and non homo don't need the i.r.s contract that makes their children the states property at birth. Without the marriage children are owned by Noone hence have to file for custody ect. Ignorance of the law is no excuse so start educating yourself about laws and reclaim this country. So marriage is actually a tool used against you financially. Haha only captilism
  3. As part of LGBT, I say to legalize same-sex marriage. If people truly follow their religion and spread God's/Prophets message of peace and love, they should have no problem with it. People say the bible says a man should not lay with another man, and to be honest, I haven't read the bible, and I'm sure it must say this. However, the bible also says to love thy neighbor, and causing havoc over this one law by protesting and calling homosexuals, bisexuals, or transsexuals derogatory names, is not spreading the message their God intended for them to do.

    If you think same-sex marriage is weird and such, well you're entitled to your own opinion and I respect that :) Everyone has an opinion, good or bad.

    This is the 21st century, we need change. Times are changing, people are more openly comfortable with being homosexuals.

    I expect this law to be passed. I would be extremely happy. I could marry my future-wife if it were. I'd love for that to be a possibility in my own home state.

    Also, I know there will be lots of controversy over what I have proposed to this thread. Just as much as straight-people do, as a bisexual female, I, too, hope to marry the love of my life.
  4. I don't think someone could force someone to be homosexual or like any gender, besides the one you prefer now.

    Many same-sex couples raise and have straight children. Many straight parents have and raise homosexual children.

    There is no way to be forced, in my opinion.

    If you feel threatened by a homosexual man or woman and feel you're being forced to be homosexual, you may want to re-check if you haven't felt that way before that person walked into your life. That or call the police if they are actually threatening you because you are not.

    Personally, I've known I'm bisexual for all of my life. Only recently did I admit that to myself.
  5. I never implied anyone could or would be forced Percy . Read everything I wrote and read who I was responding to then come back and comment again wow
  6. It sounded that way by you saying homosexuals needed to be sent to an island.

    But okay.
  7. You know , I really don't like seeing black people, cause, I'm really scared my child will turn black

    That's how pathetic you sound dog
  9. Please don't try to use people's religious beliefs to fit your personal agenda. Some peoples religions are against homosexuality, if you want people to be tolerant of your beliefs then you should be tolerant of religious peoples beliefs. In reality Christianity is against Homosexuality and so is Islam and Orthodox Judaism as far as I know. (Correct me if I'm wrong on the Judaism part)
  10. I really just don't see a problem letting people bang who they wanna bang.
  11. I fully support same-sex marriage
    People deserve to be happy.
  12. So you are okay with what jerry Sandusky did? Are you also okay with family members doing that too? And are you okay with people and animals? I'm disgusted.
  13. If people need marriage to be happy that is sad.

  14. Not really
  15. You are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine.
  16. so Sean are you implying that black people are bad somehow because I was implying that being a homosexual is bad if you are to compare these two things together the analogy comes out bad me being fearful of my Charles child turning black would never enter my mind because it's physically impossible but me faring my child being influenced to be gay is very possible just like somebody might tempt you with Sin so please come up with a better argument that makes sense and I truly hope nobody black read this and sees how you compare being black as the being something bad
  17. that sounds like some good advice ya gots there (giggle) betcha we d never see you usin peeps religious beliefs to fit your personal agenda (wink)
  18. not trying to be mean but my parents sais if i was ever gay they would send me to a metal hospital haha
  19. Do ya listen to heavy metal there?
  20. How do you fit 3 gay men on a bar stool? ...... flip it upside down DUN DUN DUN goodbye
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