saltys ultimate guide for farmin

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  1. Takes a fair amount of effort to spell so poorly, salty has a certain style and never fails to entertain :)
  2. I feel like he takes more time making sure his spelling is bad, than actually writing a sentence.
  3. I like "Quoting" people
  4. Salty used this against me and made me reset

    Pls haf merci
  5. Wait? What?
  6. Because farming someone 1/10 your size instead of people that are in the osw you're in is gangster, remember that everyone!!!

    /end sarcasm
  7. Rising star 5/5/? Np Atk

    Lol never said I was gangster, and I never hit salty "instead of" anyone. Just when I had nearly no troops he was a good way of making helmets.

    The problem with nubs like him (and you) is you think you can say whatever you want in the forums. Then when someone comes and smacks you around for it, you cry about being small.

    There is a solution to that problem:

  8. Youre an arrogant prick that calls everyone smaller than him a noob :lol:
    And you dare to act like that when you ran from an osw? Pathetic. Now go post about justin bieber again hun
  9. Wow! laughy faces. SOOO scared. 

    I don't call everyone smaller than me a nub, just nubs who shoot their mouth out in the forums and are too scared to give me incoming.

    So why don't you show me what a bad ass you are.
  10. Frog assa 3/4 then went dtw. Can I be such a cool warrior like you now????
  11. Lol glad to see some life in you mate. 
  12. Salty "tagged me for future smackin" once! It lasted about 10 minutes during which he failed half his hits and tried to tough talk me the whole time. It was sooooo hard to take him seriously with all the misspellings and failed hits!!! I just laughed and moved on.
  13. Sticky for best thread ever . My Ninja Salty is IQ way above you suckah fish stick in mayonnaise lookin foolios!
  14. This thread is all wrong. I never have shortage of targets and i dont need to make threads or scan wc too.