saltys take on poverty

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  1. Ive herd it ol. Im poor because of this or because of that. The government kip me poor. The corporations kip me poor. My situation kip me poor. The weather kip me poor. The color os ma eskin kip me poor. Blah blah blah


    Ur poor cuz u don work mor.

    There. I said it.

    U don wanna work mor. Ur bills too much? Work mor. U drownin in debt? Work mor. Ur child suport payment is due? Work mor.

    Ull find out that if u do, ull be geting ahed faster an ebentualy, ull have disposable income like me.

    U kip wastin ur time thinkin an blamin others. Time is cash an ur wastin it.

    U kent take thinkin and blamin to the bank.

    I promis ull be beter off if u do.
  2. Aside from the shoot me in the head annoying grammar act, this sadly makes sense

    Might be the smartest thing you ever attempt to write
  3. *works 100h/week at minimum wage*

    *still makes <$40k/year before taxes*

    Not my life, but current USA minimum wage has always struck me as criminally low. One week is 168h, by the way.

    Not debating op here cause I'm not quite dumb enough to bother, but minimum wage is awful and I haven't gotten to complain about it in a bit.
  4. OP obviously couldn’t afford an education...
  5. I got a masters dud.
  6. Ok. Les say they make <40 k...
    If ppl work ther sacred 40 hrs they gonna habe 16k before taxes.

    I think 40 is beter than 16
  7. Olso, im not sure cuz i don do my payroll but i think the minimum wage in LA is 12.5
    So 12.5 x 40 hrs x 52 weaks=26 k
    IF you work mor than 40 hrs there come the overtime pay wich is higher than base pay. I think from 40 to 60 hrs is time an a haf(agen, not sure). That wud be 18.75 x20hrsx52 weaks=19,500. Theeeen double pay kicks in so the rest of 100 wud b 40hr x 25 per hr x 52 weaks=52 k

    So if u workt 100 hrs/weak for minimum wage u’d have more than 97 k before taxes.

    97 k for workin ur as off. Vs 26k bin a couch potato
  8. See, I instinctively don't want to feed the trolls, but I know there are people out there who really, genuinely believe that type of idea. I'm a bit torn between feeding you versus thought generation
  9. Whats to trol about?
    The more u put in, the more u get out.
    Now, habin sed that, the only tradeoff wud be that u don get to espend much time doin other things.
    No time to get drunk. No time to go on a milion time to waste ur time watchin tv.
    What ur tryin to say is the same thing ibe bin teling ppl not to do... words an thinkin about it.
    You can estay where u r and think ol the infinite posibilityes y ur poor
    U can estart takin action an estart doing.

    Ppl wanna work 40 hrs and be with family, gf, in front of a tv set? Ok thats fine but don complain u kent make ends meat.
    u CAN help it

    salty breaking character
  11. Lol kasama u u such a noob dud
  12. the problem is that most of the US doesnt have that high of a minimum wage, bud
  13. No. There is no problem. Ppl make those problems in ther hed.
    That was an exampol. Those r excuses to jostify imaginary obstacols.
    No high min wage u say? Okeeeeey. So? Minimum wage gos up eberything gos up. The main expense, housing is crazy hi. So? U gonna say “oh no minimum wage is to gonna gibe up an libe in these misery”?
    U got minimum wage and only get penies left? Work more
  14. masters of what?

    breaking character

  15. I got a masters of busines administration
  16. how about your write me up a spread sheet of all the times you've broken character?

  17. Cool post. Salty is a genius. You get out what you put in
  18. U do it. Ur the interested one. Don b lazy.