Saint Judes

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  1. If y’all havent seen saint judes has found the cure to X linked severe combined immunodeficiency also known as “bubble boy”. However bone marrow transplants need to meet specific requirements for matches. I encourage all of you to sign up to be a donor, and help erradicate this disease once and for all!
  2. The chances you will get a match are extremely low considering ive been on the list for 3 years but one day you could save someones life.
  3. Pretty interesting stuff. Recently a second person who had HIV is reported to be cured through a similar method.

    Exciting time we live in.
  4. Interesting.

    Now they need to fix the medical system along with insurance companies calling the shots.... then maybe people can get proper care and treatment before other illnesses become lifelong or life threatening in 1 way or the other.