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  1. You're derailed
  2. How? We're supporting tanks ll clan
  3. U just mad bc u have tiny pipi
  4. perhaps it is your mind that is derailed. To know true greatness is to know sushi for he will lead us all to victory. May the Kaw Gods show you mercy!
  5. "I tried to zip zop but my zoobity didn't bop" - bill Cosby
  6. Amen
  7. Full support
  8. I learned this quote from the great sushi and has changed my life btw tank has tiny Asian pipi so don't war with him instead be an elite be like sushi #TankHasTinyPipiHAHA
  9. support #allhailsushi
  10. No I know you as EliteTank, the backstabber who just goes inactive every time someone ticks him off.
  11. your going off topic here...
  12. Please don't insult our wc like that
  13. I think I understand now, I buy raw fish, and it will WC/Track for me????

    Thanks Sushi!
  14. Thats who he is? Yeah, he needs a nice farming then.
  15. Sorry I'm a bit late, sushi was trying to teach me how to xtal.

    Sushi is da best wc/tracker out here. I don't think y'all understund. He can call out targets and ko them himsealf. Sometimes he even ko's himself to. That's elite yo, like how u do that. Sushi can't be without rice, and that's why I'm hurr. #sushi #dabest #elite #100-0 #s6 #mikehastinipipiyodamn #savage
  16. Funny. Probably because Ive never seen you host "many ll wars" and you're not an exp wc I guess if you think so highly of yourself I should let you continue to be delusional
  17. I think u vs mynameisyour2ndname vs tb-oracle would be a good match
  18. TheRealist is tanks alt.only insults people on theRealist screenname because trys to act all proffessional on the tank account lol.if you so tough you speak on your main when you insult people.
  19. #ShotsFiredPewPew
  20. Lock pls to many retards