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  1. Hello guys gals scrubs moose and what ever else is in this game. So as most of you guys know I'm TANK a very exp wc who usually hosts many ll wars

    I am currently hosting tryouts for s6 I will be hosting every s6 war so grab a spot while you can. Pm me for your application and thanks.
  2. Pfft, exactly why there should not be exclusively LL wars in Season

    What, its up to you whether we are good enough or not to war?

    I'm a 7 year player, Expert Tracker/WC and you want me to "apply"

    Yeah, this ATA is exactly why you cannot do exclusively LL wars, imagine new players having to "interview" and be "allowed the privilege to war" at the discretion of certain players.

    You have failed us ATA - Shame on you for creating this problem and not consulting your player base!

    A very disappointed in ATA, ShadyMarine
  3. people have always put together "teams", since the earliest ee wars. this isn't something that resulted from the s6 format.

    for the record; i don't care about ee wars, or even kaw in general. i just don't see this as a good point to base your argument on.

  5. So your only reason to post is to tell us how you feel about it?
    Okay you did that, BuBye!!!
  6. Moose is gone forever js.
  7. When are tryouts for your team Shady :)
  8. Why you only got a 5 year badge if you played 7  and the game hasn't even been out for a full 7 years
  9. you're right. my feels have no place in this. i'm ashamed that i tried to help strengthen someone's argument and i will just leave now.

    bye :(
  10. Only a couple spots left
  11. Tank is like 0-300 in ll wars
  12. Still
  13. Hello fellow warriors and tank, many of you know me as the greatest WC in kaw, my main is Sushi. I currently hold a record of 100-0 steadily. I have about 9 years of tracking/wc experience so you know this isn't my first go about, my main is Sushi. I feel I can benefit this team with my explicit skill and great qualities, my personality all plays a very big role in my wars - I'm a fun and nice guy and I don't mess around, my main is sushi. I would be very pleased if I could be apart of this war clan, I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about season 6. I'd like to thank Tank for reading this and all the other warriors, my main is sushi. If you need any advice on running tracking drills or learning how to wc like mad pro, please feel free to pm my main. The username is Sushi
  14. I support sushis alts post. This is my first post here and thanks to warring with him I have overcome my shyness. He also cured my blindness and Gave birth to my first born. He has shown me the way and brought such enjoyment to my life, he is literally the nicest person ever and would never speak ill of anyone.

    Sincerely a Sushi clone
  15. Lord have mercy on us all...
  16. Wow sushi actually posted here. My life has also been changed by sushis wcing/tracking and i only know how to war bc he generously spent his time teaching me. Ive learned to ako ps and how to be wr 1 as a pure attack build without leaking at all. He is always available and loves to help people so shoot him a follow/pm for anything and everything. ty sushi again for posting here. Sushi is luv sushi is lyfe. This post is for tanks ll clan but i know with sushi itll be the most elite clan. war record 100-0
  17. I am a good friend of sushi. He's an experienced wc with a solid 67 minutes of experience. Not only does he have a tiny Asian pipi but he knows his build mechs. btw he loves bluecupcake. We are gonna be an elite war squad and dominate s6 100-0. Remember. After 99 broken swords you get a warning so don't go inactive. Hmu if interested in joining or have a big Asian pipi
    Pls no silence
  18. Thread is derailed...
  19. Hello all... As a fellow LL war clan owner I find myself wishing and hoping that sushi wouldnt join tanks clan. His level of experience to teach new people to instantly become absolute beasts in war not leak plunder like crazy and ko everyone is epic. If he joins forces with tank for s6 we all can just hope not to match that epic duo. Please sushi don't go there and form a unstoppable force the rest of us wont stand a chance.