S6 Lowland only supporters.

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  1. Actually there is no point of my petition or this one. Devs have already stated that LL is gonna be only option for s6 and they will not change it. Will be posting response to the petition in coming hour.
  2. Support my Petition titled "Free Nobs"
  3. Please don't derail the thread.
  4. Don't care really . Karma devs pet
  5. I like discussions. You can spam me if you want
  6. I bet there be only 3 to 5 matches 2 days later.

    Hope warriors will enjoy to keep buildings changed every few wars to counter the other 5 to 7 war clans.

    this happened to round wars and primal wars and it happened to ll wars fir sure.
  7. I support since last season I couldn't war with my war clan family. Nice to see I can this season :)
  8. Support ll only
  9. Support
  10. No support
  11. that's about 5 supporters now lol i don't think this is going to swing ll's way
  12. No need of this I guess because 1 player in indi casts atleast 2-3 alts. No support in this thread will be from all those alts plus from no sdt adt eb fairy. Don't waste your time like "life"

  13. Lmao, everln if every person who supported indi secretly also wrote with 50 alts we'd still have more real supporters than you
  14. [​IMG]
  15. I want round wars back
  16. People are just mad then can't cast and throw a war. Do you realize how jacked up the indis are ? Maybe all you small builds don't, but during events people cast and purposely are inactive just for the items. Many do it, and it costs people the war. So while you guys keep saying it's not fair, you fail to realize exploiting indis is what made them come to this decision.

    Seasons are not like events. When you win, you get a bunch of perks, medallions, plunder spells. It's extremely annoying when someone casts and goes inactive for items. If you war with your regular clan, you can't.

    Plus, this season revolves around clan loyalty. You stay in the clan, you reserve all the perks, you leave and they take em away. It'll be a nice experience to meet people and make friends, or just connections.

    Stop complaining, s6 is lowland only because of actions from fellow kawers.

  17. There was virtually no exploits last season, they're just trying something new and it won't work
  18. Do you mean they let their alts stay inactive? Idk what you mean. And It doesnt make sense to purposely cast and purposely go inactive. loosing pays worse then winning, why not just play instead of purposefully troll your team