S6 Lowland only supporters.

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  1. So you haven't had a clan since season 4 and you talk about loyalty? You also just said you've merced since

    There has been like 50 parts since season 4 so plenty of time to have loyalty in a clan

    What's the name of the clan you set up to help people so can search it's history. It's been a long time since season 4 I'm sure it's full of wars

    And the irony talks about loyalty whilst sat in a hte clan
  2. Troppus. Complete opposite of support
  3. After your list of war clans i'll give u mine.
    How long will i wait?
  4. Leaky eb build go figure n saves an xtal.
    Hardly war ready or cares much.
  5. I'm not the one professing clan loyalty you are and you haven't had a clan since season 4 which is well over one year

    You also said people were lazy to set up a clan and want everything done for them and you said you tried but failed as not enough interest

    You're full of contradictions and another thing I'm not allowed to say.

    You have no loyalty. No clan. Can't back up your claims of loyalty because you have no were to say

    I also see you mention indy is full of people with broken swords. That's true you were one of them a couple of months back

    Night hawk kaws number one contradiction. Practice what you preach
  6. S1/2 FPBO
    S3 OWWN
    S5 Wannabes and Rejects

    Started all 3

    How about u? Zip Zero Nada?

    Put your money where ur mouth is.
    Floaters n goofs like u r full of it.
  7. Ll wars will just put clans of noobs who just up against teams that have been doing ll daily for a year.

    No thanks.
  8. True but we all started somewhere.
    Takes ppl to make it fun and work.
  9. Season 5 was all indy. So you haven't had a clan for almost two years and you talk about loyalty. You've just made a fool of yourself broken sword. Failed war clan owner
  10. I'll take in noobs for S5 and run wars when i can be available. I won't war myself if enough ppl and i will wc or track instead.

    Wannabes and Rejects
  11. Keep on makin it up noob.
    U believe your own bs fine 
  12. Good idea to start this thread. Not much unequivacal support as yet, though I hope that changes.

    I can see the potential advantages of the Season 6 war system as offered. You don't need a dedicated war sub-clan as the 15-account roster can be made up of willing warriors from the full clan roster, depending on the time zone. If victorious the other 85* people in the clan all get a short-term PvE bonus and the spell for an additional medal next war. So if I'm asleep I can wake up with the spell already active thanks to my clan mates, then cast for war with my mates in my clan, and then win two medals instead of one the next LL war time slot.

    I'm also pleased to see the inclusion of the 5th war time, and I hope that feature survives beyond the Season. I also hope that ATA have thought about the LB consequences of additional over-warring (but I doubt that they have...).

    I proposed an idea for fairer match-ups, and I'll wait and see what actually happens. I'm expecting zero innovations or amendments there so I predict disappointment, apathy, and a record-low participation.

    Such a wasted opportunity to expand the warring player base in a so-called 'war' game.
  13. You've already tried and failed by your own admission. Lead by a reject. Good name for your clan. Rather fitting.

    Nighthawk hasn't had a war clan for two years and merced since and says people don't like upcoming season as they have no loyalty. They're too lazy to make their own clan yet he failed at it himself.

    Hypocritical or dumb? Or both?
  14. Lost many more wars than wins.
    Try wars or avoid failure as u do idc.

    Get off the pot why don't u.

    Back up your yap

    Nothing worse than a keyboard coward spewing on much but with no substance.
    Done sparring with a floater.
  15. I did this specifically for s4.

    With the addition of an in game war schedule it was not needed. I do post occassional reminders here and there.
  16. I support indi lowland
  17. Eb build never build towers. So stop saying that. Only true warriors build towers and that is absolutely for war not for eb. That's y it's called war build. Not eb build.
  18. No support
  19. No comment 