S6 Feedback

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  1. How did you guys like S6?
    Was it all you thought it would be?

    Will we ever get the % bonus on our helmet?
  2. S6 is what ppl make of it.
    It was fun
  3. Good Wars, High quality Warriors from top clans, Little to no Moles/Inactives most wars, Every war pretty damn competitive. I enjoyed it top level competition not for everyone and i understand to get it the elite clans made it difficult for everyone to enjoy i was lucky to get it one. But overall i enjoyed the high quality competition
  4. Eh. Indi would have been better
  5. Up next its called ASW 6 GL
  6. The % bonus has always been present. You can easily see if you get the bonus. Attack an eb without the helm. Then now equip the helm and you will see a slight tiny increase.

    You just dont see the 0.5% plunder on the helm.
  7. 
  8. It was hot trash
  9. First season that I didn't bother participating in
  10. Funny season...to say the least

    Funnier to read the comments saying how epic it was :)
  11. NO indi no care
  12. Nice of u to drop in

    Any other gems u care to share?

    See u in ASW your wish has come true.
  13. Other than renewing my EE - didn't participate and was/still on a spending protest against ATA

    I ended season with 1 medal Rank 1,247 lol

    Still Disappointed in ATA, ShadyMarine
  14. It would have been nice to incorporate low land Indy wars... You know... Since most guys are in the LL mindset with their build. Would have been fun to join a roster with PS1 and hybrids and attk builds. Ideally 25 man roster but 15 would be ok. I think the turnout would have been more for those slots than the clan wars.

  15. Maybe trial LL Indi wars after ASW to see how it goes would be interesting.

    Heck take it one step further...

    HL Wars includes HL and LL with BFE/BFA %
  16. Too many noob war clans
  17. Idk if it was purely because only wc clans did it, but rosters with three different build types flopped pretty hard. And since you can't control what you get in indi, the idea doesn't appeal to me. I'm sure everyone could get mixed rosters, but one might get tank/hyb. When has indi been well balanced? Rarely
  18. U have something against noobs?
  19. Got something against people who don't take war serious