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  1. Your sarcasm knows no bounds. I won many wars by only a couple bil/ 100mil. Can ask the people who actually know me instead of believing the first thing that comes out of someone's mouth when you war gets thrown. Can't believe you still butthurt over a nearly 4 week old loss
  2. Best wishes, Erec! Phenomenal tracker, great warrior and friend. Hope real life treats you well!
  3. Amish, Nottom, Chewy & II_-_lR-lAIlIKltl09I09-Hl_-_ll - kings of triple crowns
  4. Wars were a blast along side all of you, although the system may not of been great and the ps not the smartest at times s5 was positively worth the time and effort. I would like to recognize Bermuda, Snowman, Pos, and many others that made the season worthwhile. No matter how bad the devs do the players always seem to make the game better then it should be and I would like to thank all of you for doing just that. It's been an interesting season. Thanks for all your effort devs 
  5. I don't think u can count sh lmfao, I war a tank in that bracket and am bigger than tom and he can plunder me down when I am 100% and rakt is way smaller than me but can plunder me down from 60%, just way too easy to get crown
  6. Any building is a war building if they cast woc.

    try to cast a sh like tom or me, and look at the match up, you will know if its easy or not.
  7. sushi
    chronic kiwi

    all star warriors in my bracket.thanks for the good wars in s5, there were a few more that I will add later.
  8. Don't forget about Monster guys!
  9. 95% of people in my bracket are great superstar warriors... And can only really call out the non superstar leaks that generally determine our wars, but I don't want to call anyone out.
  10. Nothing about being butthurt, friend. I just don't respect you or any actions you may or may have not done. KAW on buddy!
  11. Devin is an awesome guy and great wc/track
  12. Too many to list
  13. Lol, I'm sure warring a ssh your or toms size is waayyy too easy in the bracket. No offense you worked hard for the BFA but don't tell me wars are hard as a ssh with massive bfa.
  14. I failed on Kyle many times with my spies. It is what it is.
  15. @elite
    If 80%+ my match up are 12 tanks vs 17 tanks, 11 vs 18 or 10 vs 17 tanks... you'll know its too easy or too hard.
    And actually this is not a noob bracket, most tanks has their decent towers, they can skim me when troops are high and I only fail on them if they tank well.

    you would also fail on those 6m+ sdt tanks many times with your spies. It is what it is.
  16. Fastest hansels I was against were
    Merlin, wave and RR

    Chewy and kaz were always crazy fast stealing my kos

    Best tanks were probably
    Kwater, jedi and slick

    Thx to CW as I have learnt a lot from being beaten by him this season 

    A lot of players in our range have got a lot better this season as well such as
    Bog and koala

    Thanks to all in my range has been fun and generally only one war I was in was messed up by inactives/leaks so good to see everyone cared about there team 
  17. Sora hands down best warrior
  18. Where's my name?
  19. That has nothing to do with build, devs fault the matchups are like that.

    Only difference a tank makes 1m hitting you, you make 60(?)m per hit on them.