S.M.A.S.H. will be gone

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  1. Followed by a gem reimbursement in Kingdoms of Heckfire from Smash in-app purchases made in the past (which was weird to me, since I haven’t spend nor played that game for months), and re-downloading the game to see what was up, I found out ATA is shutting down the game :(

    It is sad news to me, because the game is relatively new, and also, I considered it to be a very interesting game (before devs made all those horrible changes of course)

    With these reckless shut downs, I fear for KaW, I fear that we might be next, given that ATA has a new gold mine (KoH) from which their getting decent amounts of revenue. Do you think KaW will survive another year?
  2. Koh is not all that great for instance if you scout someone an succeed they not suppose to no who it was sec you can not instantly upgrade with jewels or gold like rest of the games out third a sheild is too dam high to buy
  3. ATA Bruce said KaW is fine recently in forums. Away with you doomsayer!
  4. dork
  5. And you believe Bruce for real?
  6. Its cool. We can all just go to Pimd. Theyve been priming the players for it for awhile.
  7. Yeh they are all ready for kaw to be merged into pimd can't wait.

    Party in my kingdom
  8. KaW still has a solid player base. No reason to shut it down or continue the doomsday threads. SMASH clearly didn’t bring in the required revenue and so it makes since to shut it down. Good game tho.
  9. Bruce said there’s a future for kaw as long as we support the game still, seeing as we have a strong community and player base it’s not an issue, he’s also looking to recruit more developers for the kaw team to strengthen there ability to conduct the necessary fixes or new systems they want to add to kaw.
  10. Link to SMASH shutting down post.

    Relatively new? It came out almost 5 years ago. There has been a ton of bugs creeping up over time on SMASH. They don't have the resources to fix it and the game doesn't bring in the money it used to. Less than <5K USD a month.

    The overhaul of SMASH killed the player base. Never understood why ATA decided to overhaul a top 100 game that was doing great, then give out 100Ks of Ex/Nobs and imbalance the game which killed it. They lost 80% of their player base right after the overhaul. The last few months there were barely 1000 logins a day..total ghost town. You hit a event a few times before the end there and you'll be top 1000 easily.

    Besdies the fact that the game doesn't bring in profits anymore. ATA said they're pulling the game because it was created on an older framework that over time has led to bugs that cannot be fixed without re creating the entire code base, something they cannot do as they do not have the time / resources at the moment.

    On a side note, KaW was apparently moved to a new framework a few months ago that lead to a bunch of glitches back then, to add support to new features and gameplay yet to come.
  11. Kaw isn't going anywhere, constant wave of promos tells us that they are successful & making the required amount for the devs to focus energy on them.

    Being "Optimistic" one can say, that the devs are using the extra money from them to actively look for more staff to strengthen the game.

    Being "Pessimistic" you'd say, there just lining their own bank account & cranking them out for the easy cash.

    Being "Realistic" (my approach), They are milking them until they find a better way to make more from Kaw. Either way around as long as their cranking promos out left & right it's obivsous they haven't considered shutting down Kaw.

    If anything at all, there using the funds from Kaw to refund players on smash to avoid legal action. Anyway you look at it, Kaws still growing slowly but surely.
  12. Don't fear Kaw is Here because of the Comunity and players who support the Game, let's remember KaW is here till the End
  13. Yeah, it sucks. Stupid devs. I also took a break but I still like the game. I just came back and going to play it till the very last day.
  14. If they offered a reimbursement from KaW to PIMD, how many of you would make the switch?
  15. I think I lost brain cells just thinking about this question.
  17. Was my English poor? Or was the situation I offered not your taste?
  18. No just no, I'd find a completely different game. Never making that switch
  19. If they were shutting down kaw sure I'd rather go to pimd than kingdoms of heckfire.
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