Russia Bombs Syria

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for WWIII.

    I predict that the US will (falsely) acuse Russia of hitting an American/allied target, dragging us into the deadliest war man has ever seen.

    Is this the culmination of all US meddling in the Middle East, or am I being paranoid again?
  2. You're paranoid, everyone hates Syria for being home to Isis
  3. Is op a troll or a dumbass. Or both?
  4. Why would you think I'm trolling?

    We fabricated our justification for every armed conflict since this country was founded.

    Why should I believe that our next one will be any different?
  5. Then why is Russia siding with the Syrian government?
  6. It's a shame they didn't nuke em
  7. I do believe Russia is trying to provoke a conflict. Its the only way they can respond to the march of capitalism across the former USSR empire.
    Will the US be stupid enough to take the bait?
  8. You just read headlines or fb dont u. Russia does want to keep the current leaders of syria in power. HOWEVER they agree that isis is a problem and are now helping US n others to get rid of ISIS. Only dif is US wants a new govt when terrorists r out. Russia just wants to get rid of terrorists n restore current leaders
  9. Absolutely. All I know is I'm not going to fight in any more wars overseas. If they wanna bring the fight here, I'll be the first one to go, but my days of fighting foreign wars are over.
  10. If you think I'm a "headline reader," then you don't know me very well. I'm well aware of what both sides have said publicly; however, as I thought I made clear in the OP, that's not the topic of this thread.

    It seems like you're buying everything that comes out of Putin's and Obama's mouth.

    I hope you weren't too dissapointed in Obama when you found out he lied about being able to "keep your doctor" after obamacare was signed into law.
  11. It seems like ur a paranoid redneck lol
  12. I was "paranoid" about government spying. People called me "conspiracy theorist." Then Snowden happened.

    People called me crazy when I said obamacare would change their quality of care for the worse and increase cost, rather than lower it like Obama promised.

    We will see how paranoid I am about this new development with Russia.

    Honestly, though, I truly truly truly hope I'm wrong about this one. I don't wanna be right this time because no one I care about will be safe if I'm right.
  13. Cheese, I'm disappointed. Government spying was commonly known even before Snowden, lol.
  14. I think everyone w a brain new it was highly likely govt was spying on us. Came as no shock here n tbh i like the security. Its not like they read through everything from everybody

    All that u were against obamacare tells me is ur republican. Congratulations
  15. True

    However, That didn't stop people like FIN from calling me a conspiracy theorist
  16. Is the number of political philosophies you're aware of equal to the number of brain cells in your skull?

    Or do you not know me very well?

  17. Paranoid is the answer

    Did any of you liberals think that Obama would've been able to stand up to Putin?
    Putin is doing exactly what was predicted in the face of obamas weak America.
    If Obama would of dealt with this a year ago by taking Iss out this wouldn't have been an issue.

    I blame Obama for Putin actions. Putin only respects men with power that know how to use it. Michelle has more balls than potus, should ask her to take over. Crying shame that Russia will pull ahead of USA in world power.

    Thanks just proved you are the Jv team
  18. It's definitely a possibility in my opinion. To anyone that says it is not, would you care to give an intelligent reasoning why we have been in war for the last 14 years?
  19. I'm glad we have a president that knows unfunded wars are bad for us.
  20. Dom, by Obama, you mean the American military. I'd be weary to send our dons and daughters into war IF we don't have to.