Royal boxes revisited

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it mentioned before (I think Winston or Lirael said it in WC a couple of weeks ago) but I may be mistaken. I did appreciate that there were two sets of furn available and that you could get them from the EB + legends. I also liked that there was a 100k legend, but they didn’t do that for this event which is disappointing.

    Yeah, it’s unfortunate when you spend money and get the same as what you would in a free box. I understand that it’s helpful to those who don’t/can’t spend money, but having a higher legendary drop rate for royals would be nice.
  2. as long as bigs continue to spend thousands every promo devs will do whatever they like with little to no cares about the people who spend the odd £20/$20 here and there, and the only way they will respond to customer feedback is if they are at threat of losing this constant stream of income fron said bigs. But, it is unlikely they will lose this income as LB do not care about the odd trashy drop as they open 100's of boxes to get t10/100 :lol:
  3. That doesn't read as the point to me. No one disputes the element of gambling here, and spenders are agreeing to pursue that premise.

    It's the principle of offering quality directly correlated to the investment. The incentive declines when you are risking nobs for less than the content in a free box. Guaranteeing a minimum of X items, takes care of that and the gamble element still persists.

    Anyone could relate to that business mindset. Even EA got that part right, whatever gamble you make, you are still given more than could be obtained through regular free play.
  4. Seriously though!!! I paid money for these nobs and now I'm not even getting floor tiles, I'm getting a tiny pinch of random upgrade material for furniture items I don't even have! WTF???!!!
  5. The “tiny pinch of random upgrade material” only comes from free chests. Not royals.