Royal boxes revisited

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  1. Devs need to address this.

    It's not ok for royal boxes to drop 75 legend items and a bag of 50 tokens.

    The second a free box value exceeds that of a paid box in terms of the amount that drops, there's an issue.

    Royal boxes should as a minimum, guarantee drops that matches max drops to those of free boxes, when pulling from the same loot table. I get the notion of royal boxes offering a higher chance of furniture, but the value of that gamble is rendered invaluable, when there's a discrepancy this big, considering the investment made, (10 nobs).

    The above post solely reflects my opinion on this matter, and conviction pertaining to the general notion of games, properly differentiating paid and free content.
  2. Also can we just say.. in general items cost way too much on KAW. A seal is 6$... like seriously??
  3. Free to play. No one is making you buy seals or open boxes
  4. Royal chests drops have gotten worse and worse each time devs added to the list of possible drop items. HUGE difference when they added the move eb forward ones, why can't that just be a purchase in store why take a spot in chests? Pet drops have decreased drasticly and just furniture drops all around have slowed way down. Devs say there has been no change, well coming from someone who has paid to open chests that's not true! Devs need to fix this issue. Really not worth the risk to open the nob chests anymore.
  5. Correct, game doesn't mandate purchases in order to play. But that wasn't the point. It addresses the current quality level of paid content, which is abysmal at best.

    I think it's courteous to give feedback, considering it relates to an availability in the game, that on the surface, leads you to believe, purchasing this shiny box, would grant you a worthy return on investment as opposed to the free version of said box.

    supporting the game developers through feedback with the intent of promoting variety in playstyles and spendings, seems justifiable. The unbalanced issue here is grave and I support the cause.
  6. Full support. Nothing is worse then spending the nobs to open a box and getting less than what you would in the free ones. If I’m going to pay money I would like a little value for the money spent.
  7. Support. Devs have also mentioned working on getting more furn to more players, but I’ve yet to see it in action.
  8. There was a dais in one of the side legends from last week, nothing to do with the drop rate of royal boxes.

    I used to open them all, now i dont because they’re a waste of nobs
  9. To be fair, they mentioned that yesterday. Last event did have two extra furns for legends (100k tier and final dia legend), which I personally hope was a little warm up.

    As a player who likes hoarding content, I'd always like seeing better drops. Agree 100% on how it's a bummer getting 75 items and 10 elements from royals. It wasn't so bad when the main event goal was closer to 20k items, but I feel like royal drops haven't scaled up with legend tiers as much as they should.
  10. Support
  11. I complained to support about this topic when they were introduced. Their response was “you were given fair warning” and closed the ticket.

    My response was quit spending money for purchasing royals.

    A few years later customer service has gotten even worse. My response to that has been to quit spending money on kaw altogether.
  12. Support, royal boxes need to give better rewards!
  13. It’s not the tokens or whatever sometimes you get bad luck but rather the total lack of furniture that drops and is even on the game period. Nobody could really get max furniture sets before and now it’s even harder.
  14. Have they reduced the chances of unboxing furniture? I’ve unboxed 10 royals and still not a single piece, not even a floor or wall 
  15. I've gotten pets from free boxes...

    Therefore royals should give me more than pets. :D

    Seriously though, the far majority of the time royals give more than 200 event items whereas free chests give less than 200 event items. Sure you get the rare box that drops less than 200 in a royal, but it's part of the gamble.
  16. A long time ago that was changed.

    Walls, Floors, Banners and Side Throne pieces used to be Yellow. Now they're all Red level rarity drops.
  17. Oh ok. Thanks. Still new to this. I’ve opened 15 now and still no furniture  I think I’ll just sell royals from now on.
  18. That last sentence sums it up, it is a gamble. If I wanted to gamble, I’d go to the casino, not KaW.