Round Wars..the Saga of the Exploit continues

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  1. Primal wars now have tank/hansel exploit. It was just a matter of time for another exploit w primals
  2. i tend to try to stay away from noob threads, but i will comment all the same.

    #1 that meme is invalid. Let me prove how.
    My build is practically the same as you's. We both have a lot of spy buildings and a low number of troop buildings. Its because of this that we can be attacked easily but not spied as easily. Now the only difference between what i can do and what you can do is that i can keep my troop building in an EE war because i pull more plunder with those troop buding a than i let off. You loose more plunder than you can gain. I also using bfa can do the same thing you're spy build can except its a lot harder for me. How might you ask? Well when you look at the breakdown of Bfa it takes 5 mil CS ( roughly 700b for spy power) to equal 100k cs in spy attack bfa. Now the advantage to that number is it does not change depending on how full my bar is.
    Really its not an exploit like its been called it's just using a build to its advantage and playing the game within the game Mechanics.

    Also; to address the fact that the OP claims all round wars do is exploit i will say this. What we are doing is strategizing using what rescources we have to put forth the most efficient roster to win.
    Let me put that into perspective for you; any clan wether it be DI or BG has a set roster for primal wars in which they use a certain amound of HFBC attck, PS's and Tanks to match a clan whose power is just under them in order to win. This is called strategizing and its the same thing any clan does that wants to win.
  3. Obviously i an Fin, i enjoy ee war the most in this game. Heres why; like you would see in any economical environment the principle of "Survival of the fittest" and "materialism" is displayed. No matter who what where or when you are there will always be some way to get on top and get a "head start" or be "1 step ahead of you're opponents." Its the way professional sports teams are; they buy players who will help their team.

    People always will do what they have to to win, wether its backstab their friend to get the promotion or drop build to win.

    I love doing EE wars; becoming HFBC to win is not realistic for me neither is warring as a PS bc thats boring imo. So i dropped to a sh and i have enjoyed doing ee wars ( actually win or loss) ever since.
  4. The problem isn't ur build it's the outdated plunder mechs in place and static equipment .. The system of "round" wars could never be sustained with the ability to be manipulated so easily

    Those saying the new stack for primal is hfbc and ps while that is kinda true it also isn't ... If u put a roster like that together u will match another in ur own cs range and potential plunder range for cs total available

    The issue with round wars was that that was not the case cs and plunder capability were no where near each other in most "matches" creating the mismatches we saw for 2.5 seasons .. And because true strength didn't measure into actual pay out and the system is based on plunder (either high bfa builds paying the same as wat their true cs was or builds that are much smaller true cs paying much less to larger builds) it allowed it to be exploited

    Hence the "fix" with primal wars where u take away all the things that were made after the plunder mechanics were developed (static and very large equip and huge overwhelming bfa from ever increasing stats from newer releases) basically a reset in mechanics to pre equip and higher tier building releases
  5. Tank/Hansel exploit u gotta get serious.
    Exploit is high/low LB/SH
    Noobs think before u speak
  6. @Valar

    Read once again n not misquote.
    Thread states SOME not ALL go back to school
  7. Tank hansel exploit is not an exploit. Hansels and attack builds are supposed to war together primal does that. Also war ur defence counts to which is why towers is important in primal. Sh fail too in primal so its better than round wars at least
  8. Yeah dude! The equipment that you worked hard for and earned is stupid! **** static stats and blah blah blah I don't have good equip so I can't war, *insert whining here*

    It's as simple as this. If you don't like round wars, don't do them. Some people like them, and if stacked lb/SH rosters are an exploit, just match them with other stacked lb/SH rosters and let the best exploiters win. Otherwise, just shut the **** up and do your primals or Indis or whatever floats your boat.
  9. Round Wars r fine if no exploits. Thats not the case with some clans n no need to blame who its not rocket science to figure them out. Oh well too bad the losers will be ruin future wars for those who want Round Wars. Maybe grow a pair n do Primal Wars those of u losers doin ur 1 daily war for cowards. Join those LB n the rest or remain silent as cowards prefer.
  10. Support to no round wars
  11. Very well put station.
    Now all I say is vote with your WOC.
    Devs will put on the wars that bring in the money. Don't like a certain kind of war, don't do it. If enough agree they'll be pulled. Cheers 
  12. Well this thread has had its day.
    Round Wars r here to stay n grats to the clans that war within the spirit of competition
    eg SILVER n ZF etc. u beasts r damn good
    Good Luck to everyone the rest of Season 4 n enjoy ur rewards u achieve.
  13. The issue i mainly have with round wars are people crying about match ups etc

    Everyone knows by now the only people who can war them, and if you choose to do a round war - expect to face an exploity clan or a lopsided match up due to bfa - just dont cry about it

    And really ? Using tanks and hansels is an exploit in primal  its using builds people have in kaw ... In clans - normal builds
  14. OP I don't understand what you have to complain about honestly. You are in one of the most successful clans to war during season 4 so far, who, as far as I'm aware still participate in round wars (if they don't apologies) but even if they don't it's kinda irrelevant, why do you feel the need to complain.

    Out of the 42 wars ran each week, 7 wars are what they call "round wars".

    7 out of 42. So let's do the math, 7 minus 42 equals 35. So that means you have 35 wars each week that are split between Primal and Individual wars. And yet you feel the need to complain about 7 little wars put daily and twice on the weekend. WOW.

    Stop whinging about stupid things like this guys, it's probably not going to change in the near future. What happens in real life, say you get a packet of donuts (who doesn't like donuts CMON)

    So you have a packet of donuts with 3 flavours, strawberry, chocolate and banana. You hate the taste of the banana flavour but love the chocolate and strawberry. So what do you do ? Do you call your mum and be like...

    "Mum there's banana donuts in my container !! Waaaah get rid of them for me."


    So if you don't like round wars DONT DO THEM, it's seriously not a hard concept to grasp. Yes teams exploit the bfa and stack rosters and all that, I agree but I don't make stupid threads about it, I just don't war in those wars. I wait for Indi or primals.


    Get ya head in the game brah

    ~Benj ️
  15. So, let them continue to exploit and do nothing? K
  16. Jesus y'all whine a lot
  17. U forgot that 21 r Indy n 14 r Primal. More Primal n less Indy would make more sense IMO
  18. Primal gives (now 3) medallions, Indy gives (now 2). Makes sense there should be more Indy, so that people who can't do primal/round can still get 100 realistically by the end of the season.
  19. If you don't like the way people stack rosters or do war just don't do round wars it's as simple as that there are to other types of wars you can partake in