Roster Scrolling and such for Android

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by A15, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Has been suggested countless time. Still support for the 100th time.
  2. So scrolling and copy paste, everyone send feedback! Allie browsing is a pain.
  3. Full support one of the main reasons I hate warring on android.
  4. One more thing. Let us see top 200 lb like ios
  5. Maybe we should rename this to "Equality for Droid users", lmfao.
  6. While we're making a wishlist also copy and paste from ca.
  7. Support for anything Ten does at any time, on any topic. 0.0
  8. FULL Support. Devs fix this asap pls.
  9. You're the best! <3
  10. Cc and wc copy paste as well. And add total actions including fails.
  11. Heck just use the real cr# in wr instead of 1-15
  12. Support, does this on comp as well
  13. Support. I'd like to add the ability to edit CA without having it clear every time to the list since we're making demands. 
  14. Apple > Android