Roni's stamp of approval

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  1. Hi everybody :) in my time on kaw .i have came across many people who have left a effect on me. Some for good reasons others not so much. In many cases i have made good friend's out of past enemy's during PvP or osw's or just confrontations in worldchat or elsewhere. Over the coming few weeks i will be putting my seal of approval wall stamp for being a badass:) on certain warriors wall. . I am not a bitter person if we still dislike each other but if unknown to you that you gained my respect for your fighting i will rate you anyway.Many on kaw need no introduction or word from me about how notorious they are.But i would like to honour my past adverseries and give them the respect they have earned from me :) One thing though that don't impress me is coward' s gang attacking people or making people clan farm.Just because they cant 1v1. That dont show your skill as a individual fighter .So dont hold on to hope that you made the grade of the elite few roni certified kaw badass'es.
  2. A stamp that means nothing exciting news!
  3. Who has roni ever played kaw with? Meaning those stats are from like 2013?
  4. i played with you chubby .Remember when i was in Fast & Furious clan and a member of Fury came to me saying you in osw against Apoc and invited to join Fury Vengeance !And Trump memes dont insult me because i am from u.k.
  5. Hi valky
  6. New phone who dis?
  7. I haven’t got my stamp yet 
  8. We don't need a copy of your tramp stamp Roni.
  9. Ohh look here comes the leech valkerie not far behind the fulltime oddball and liar typhoid. Valkerie nice c.f you wrote on your 67 account lol aka Sven/ vulture the knockout king !! You are soo easy to suss out.
  10. No idea what you are talking about, although tbh, 99% of what comes out of your mouth is incomprehensible, and the other 1% is pure chav.
  11. Not to mention Typhoid isn't lying, I've seen the proof. Although I neither have the motive nor the means to show you. But yeah, keep being in denial, whatever helps you sleep at night sweety.
  12. See she is always talking about me when I'm not around.
    Soooooo obsessed.
  13. and without further ado.My first nominations are
  15. How is someone who is too scared to grow because they dont want Inc from peoples mains going to know who hits or not..
  16. what are these my 'droid wont let me see
  17. Your two alts? Nice, real nice.
  18. Meant to be laughy faces but it didnt work. Stinky forums.
  19. Sorry eb obsessed fairy . I aint like you i dont feel the need to be constantly hitting ebs .Fighters just focus on their enemys and give that their all. You though aint got many osw's under your belt so all that you know are hitting the ebs.