Roni's Roll Call Thread

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  2. Yes but that censorship used to be primitive and very basic, which was more than enough. But that's my whole point actually - political threads and other irrelevant ones can go on forever, but the threads that are directly related to the game we all suppose to be playing here is way too sensitive of a subject apparently. I'll give you an example. Remember a thread created by devs where a couple of certain players were made an example of and banned for botting? Now if I mention their name I'll be forum banned for 'occusations' lol I mean, I have been silenced for that so i know what I'm talking about. But how's that even an accusation? When I'm simply stating the fact presented to all of us by devs few years ago? Cmon lol or the thread I made 3 times just to see it disappear every single time because the subject is too controversial? I won't even specify subject because I did get forum banned for that thread too.

    What do politics have to do with Kaw?
  3. So what is this topic about exactly?
  4. I agree with Corithian. The Censorship has evolved to a point that makes no since. Things that are sociably acceptable topics in R.L are considered taboo in KaW.

    In the past year, I've seen more threads locked or deleted than than in the other 2 and half years I've played combined.
  5. Lmao Toni you're so pathetic and idiotic. It's almost unreal.
  6. Jackson has retired from kaw that person on all his accounts isn't the real Jackson its the weirdo pipebomb.
  7. im not dumb lol ..ima genius, KAW & RL lol

    You're da one rode da short bus to skool ..lickin' da windows lol

    Short bus window licker lol
  8. *Roni. Get gud lul
  9. You're making yourself look even dumber than you already are.
  10. I didn't think that was possible to sound that stupid , thankfully Todd proved me wrong.
  11. This is the kind of foruming we need. Support.
  12. This is the exact kinda foruming we need! threads that promote conflict.

    and less God damned silver bars...
  13. I'm sorry Lili but........No support
  14. So how soon to a /lock? Mods?
  15. Never of
  16. BUMP

    ...reopen the thread

  17. Bump , please grant us this wish. Because i forgot to add SaltyFeet to the " Roll call " list.
  18. Lmao
  19. Lmao[/quote]
  20. Wraxius is everywere