Roni's Roll Call Thread

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  1. Bring back Roni's roll call thread.
  2. I actually wanted to see if that thread could have brought out some lurking past names.
    Shame it was trashed out of spite.
    I may not get along with roni.

    But that was her best intentioned thread for a long while. Regardless of others derailing it for no reason.
  3. Did it get deleted?
  4. Haters gonna hate
  5. I can't find the thread anymore so it looks like the last roll call thread has been deleted/graveyarded!
  6. Just bring back roni kaw needs players like her.... She is missed 
  7. She is back tho?
  8. People can say what they want about her. Still most entertaining thread in AT when it was up. Her threads usually have some good drama.
  9. Apparently only boring threads without any banter are allowed now. I'm surprised this thread is still here. Odds are when I come back to forums in a while it will be gone
  10. Can we have the thread but have Roni deleted instead ?
  11. I think that thread should not have been graveyarded. It is a great topic and well written and have good discussions on it.

    At some point, trolls with egos should appreciate a good thread or topic and let their ego driven personal agendas aside and let the thread flourish.
  12. The trolls aren't the only ones on that thread that have an ego problem , once again a topic of interest turned out to be another pissing contest
  13. It's usually that ass wipe kasama who doesn't even play kaw that goes out of his way to bait roni into argument and then inevitably her threads gets deleted.

    It's a pity That a person who does not actively participate in the game itself at all can even be allowed to ply their jealousy on forum.

    Kasama was mad because he made a thread that couldn't even make 2 pages, whereas roni's threads make many pages within hours.
  14. Exactly

  15. ...I've been saying this for months(possibly a year or more) but you clowns take his side and kept enabling him, the only time his threads get any traction is when I comment on them and then I get blamed for derailing when there's nothing to detail (how the hell do u derail a dead thread?)....

    ....pretty much the same as your threads, almost zero content but you get butthurt when u don't get the attention you want (spaceship)

  16. For kasama aka sasooky
  17. I'm actually pretty good friends with Kasama-san and Roni-senpai.

    They both seem like pretty chill and okay people to me.
  18. Todd Giving us his crappy life story as always.


    What a jerk off
  19. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support .