Roni tell me your story...

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  1. You **** out my cuss words and my hand waving I guess you're not allowed to those on kaw forums.

    Oh well she'll get the point I'm out going shopping if you need me look me up on that third-party app
  2. Actually forums automatically takes the filtered words out. I'm not sure what you speak of about hand waving.
  3. She probably had emojis in the original post
  4. Yeah it was just a little Hand waving emojis
  5. You're still showing up with green button lit. Meaning you still on kaw sassyfire. Thought you was getting back to real life ? And you came to internet world to write about me . So who has the most sense there ? And many have messaged me saying you are not being genuine with this thread.So i am not the only one thinking the same thing about you.
  6. The plot thickens....
  7. Lol kaw fame
  8. Are you serious.... smh roni ....that comment ..omg... first of all the point that you made that I came on the internet world to talk to you is simply ridiculous and sad just stop for a minute and think about that....then there is the green lit button thing...hun kaw could be running in anyone's background..As far as me being a genius on this thread once again I did not start this thread to troll I'm not trying to be a genius about anything... I really was extending my hand of friendship. I am sorry you obviously have been traumatized so much that you trust no one. I'm done now with this thread because obviously you don't wanna be friends so need for me to keep talking to you. Glad I finally got to meet you.
  9. You still talking about me ? Yet you say that i am the traumatised one ? You spent many hours today being on a thread to talk about me when theres real life out there .Also line app is using wifi or internet or mobile data.That still means you are trapped in internet world. Stop being a hypercrite :- you are doing nothing different than what i am.
  10. Aren't you the Ali that wanted to tie my hands to the bed and roughhouse?
  11. aww sassy has fled the scene she was here a minite ago. i bet its on that 3rd party app setting it on fire with all the juicy gossip about her confrontation with roni as per planned in hindsight. i am sure it has boosted her 3rd party app rep.
  12. Lmao
  13. Lil Roni on Fire again!!
  14. Lord roni she is not my sister ..she is draginfly's sister . we are two very different people ..get your facts straight ..geezuz
  15. All shall bow to the awesomeness that is Roni!! Love it! Keep tearing it up Roni! Lmao!
  16. ... What even is this XD


  17. hey roni
  18. Roni has an in depth, complicated story filled with many truths about many KaW accounts. Her story isn't one that can be summed up and packaged in a neat little box.

    I suggest the OP start with direct questions to Roni. Possibly an interview format. 