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  1. Here are a couple of rp ideas for the weebs and slash or lonely people of the wonderful KaW universe. Enjoy :)

    Ata support team rp:
    This one is actually pretty simple. You only need 2 people to perform this. 1 person will rp as a concerned player of kaw and the other will play the part of the support team member. To successfully rp this, the concerned player texts the support team rper and all the support member has to do is completely ignore their rp partner :lol: :lol:

    Singing rp: all you gotta do here is pick a song and sing the lyrics, maybe even do a little dance. This rp is fun because it can be done in so many different ways. You can rp solo or with someone else, you can even rp yourself singing in the shower while you cry internally. There are so many options with it.

    Side note: the first rp is maybe a joke don't get salty devs. We all love you. :geek:
  2. I remember when rp was hilarious...

    Think it was 2012
  3. I get a lot of random people PM me because they want to do puppy RP.

    I actually kinda like it, though.

    Peguin RP is a genre that's slowly creeping up in popularity too.
  4. Goldilocks RP is where it's at!!!
  5. All jokes aside ive never had trouble with the ATA support team
  6. It's all fun and games when people are joking about rp in world chat. Right up until a creeper posts on your wall, thinking you were serious...
  7. i recently made a roleplay thread, i am accusing you of unlawful roleplay copying

    however i reduct previous statement and shall allow this thread for the prosperity of roleplay
  8. can we do Fox RP? ;)