- RoGuE's Unlock Team - a NEW kind of Merc

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  1. RoGuE's Unlock Team -A NEW Kind of Merc- Unlock Specialists

    This clan has been in the works (in my mind, anyway lol) for over a year now. The idea for this clan was discussed with my former clanmates but it never went any further. Maybe I wasn't ready to run a clan a year ago, but I think I am now. As you all know, unlocks are a necessary evil especially if you want to run HTE and beyond. Most people hate doing them but we devour them. Why? Because unlocks are more of a social event than regular EBs are. Its a great opportunity to meet new people; clan chat is usually more active during unlocks. And unofficially, you have a better chance of a bigger drop at the end. You may finally get that elusive equipment after all!

    Since we are the first clan of its' kind, we are treading on unfamiliar territory so it will be a learning experience for all involved. Please bear with us as you grow with us. We have successfully completed quite a few unlocks already and we're receiving more and more requests as word gets around. We have a wall, SaveMyUnlock, where you post your unlock EB request along with the day of week and time of day.

    WE STRONGLY SUGGEST giving us 2 days notice on all unlocks. Early afternoons on weekdays are recommended and Sundays are good too. Just remember the shorter the notice, the less likely that Team Members will be available to help.

    We are looking for loyal members who appreciate a family atmosphere. We are tight-knit and have been doing unlocks together for quite awhile now. Clan chat is usually rated PG-13 but can get a little "rogue" sometimes lol

    We do run b2b EBs in between unlocks. We would like to have more members so that we can do bigger EBs at home and finish unlock EBs faster. Everyone is welcome - we have a 2mil cs requirement but exceptions can be made.

    Don't worry if you can't make an unlock, you can still be on the Team! We realize people work, have real lives and have different schedules, so attend the unlocks that you can. Also, if you'd like to be on the Unlock Team but do not wish to leave your current clan, that's fine too. Just wall/follow the owner and you'll be added to our list.

    Regarding events: We don't mind you leaving clan for events but would appreciate you returning after event is over. This way we can run our bigger EBs and our own unlocks upon your return. This is why loyalty is important.


    2mil cs and up (exceptions can be made)
    Check CA before hitting - scheduled unlocks will be announced here.
    Be active in EBS and CC, it makes the game more fun.
    No drama, no farming, no OSW runners and no parking here please.
    Know your EBs - there's a great guide in forums if needed.
    Stay active throughout unlock EB
    Return to clan after EB is finished
    Roles will only be given to members who are active in EBs and CC. Please do not ask for them.
    Perms must wear clan banner.

    For questions, problems or suggestions, please contact:
    Owner mingnmanitu
    Co-Owner __devilsassassin__
    or High Council Members: Brytthak, DEATHROWDIESEL44, confusedrabbit or -JTx

    Alliances: a work in progress

    Thanks for reading and hope you join us!
  2. Ugh edited because I see daesie is a part of it

    Good luck guys!!
  3. Grow bigger, that way you can unlock ASOF AND LOTL. For the eb badge bonus. Suggestions
  4. Good luck lusty
  5. Thanks for your support guys! Hi Arty, how are ya? :)
  6. Im with them
  7. Cool. Supprt

  8. Just kidding good luck
  9. Interesting idea. Don't know if I would say new mercing ways, more of a specific target as other mercs do unlocks and such if given notice. Support. And as a merc myself I'm interested in seeing how this goes.
  10. Support to this awesome team!
  11. Cool idea. Support and good luck
  12. Another unlock team!
  13. Im pretty well:)
  14. Support for my fellow mercs 
  15. Thanks to everyone who has posted support - it means a lot!! :-*
  16. Nice idea! Best of luck :)