rock isn’t dead...check out Greta van Fleet

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  1. Best rock band since zeppelin. Greta Van Fleet!
  2. They are pretty good but not even close to THAT title lol. Unfortunately for them they sound too much like zeppelin and will never have their own identity. It will kill them as artists.

  3. Meanwhile their world tour sold out every date in 10 minutes lol
  4. Yuck!....Greta.... check out some bishop Gunn, or reignwolf, or sticky fingers, or Fidlar, or the glorious sons, or violent soho before those guys  sry I just can’t behind Greta. Trust me I’ve tried - multiple times. They sound too much like led zeppelin and now every time I here the lead singer I want to roll up and forget music is even a thing. But whatevs to each there own I guess (I will say this tho: they’ve got some talent, just sound generic, and like led zeppelin. Tbh it actually pisses me off at how lame Greta is because they should sound waay better. They’ve got the skill) but all those bands I listed above are fairly new, and all active. Check em out if you feel compelled enough. I like em lol

    Btw ..... rock never died. Your a fool to think it ever did.

  5. All those bands you listed are terrible. I mean you seriously want to put that trash up against safari song, black smoke rising, highway song?...really you must be partially deaf...because dude those bands you listed aren’t even opening bands level
  6. Agreed. Singer sounds exactly like Robert Plant. Don't know how he does it
  7. Meanwhile they are flying high on the fact they DO sound so much like zeppelin and have had a lot of publicity because of it. (Again I do think they sound good)

    They grew up 30 miles from me so I hope they do find a way to keep the momentum going. And i wish them all the success in the world. As far as greatest rock band since zeppelin, you're off your rocker lol Guess we will see how much music they have in them as time goes on:)

    PS you're a few months late on the OMG fanboy bandwagon
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