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  1. Hi, my name is clyde and I struggle daily with crippling autism.
  2. ur funeh men, you have gr8 centont

    Zeths mom

    But seriously, when are you going to retire?
  3. ^ps

    Nuff said roasting himself
  4. Pinkeh, you suck on pee
  5. Havent met him
  6. When you stop catching premium catfish.
  7. Zeth, Vanessa and I were just friends...

    You were fun to taunt because you couldn't take a joke but now you're not following the game.

    But I guess Zeth is also incapable of basic reading comprehension.

    Or to put it simply...

    Ur dum
  8. catfished by vanessa
  9. Catfished by Yarmes
  10. Secretly is Benny
  11. Secretly Magikarpfishing as an Arcanine
  12. Those underscores so long .__. GET REKTED
  13. The amount of underscores in your name is equal to double your age zzzz
  14. I just slay? What you slay? Zombies, ppl or the reindeer? Or you slaying yourself because the real you is a scrawny wimp who thinks he's badass. #rekt