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  1. That moment when OP thinks he can rap and rhyme and then add some random line in the end and add BOOM so people think he is good at roasting huuuuuuuuh
  2. I wanna be like hellbound...let me make a thread with private information and saying how I almost kill myself and then say im leaving but still play. Go do your homework kid
  3. Some day a SHOCKWAVE of noobs comes and ZAPS us all to become the next gen of transformers or Donald trump in a bad mood

  4. Duuuuudeeeeee! I got unforum bannnneedd!!!

    Ohhhhhhh and you ain't got no nipppllleeeessss!
  5. Say wut? o_O
  6. Chubby chaser wants them ladies bellies to make waves like wow. Just like Bill Clinton cartoons on family guy. And roxey just walk away from the nonessential people
  7. Non essential, like walking away from a used condom non essential?
  8. I meant nonsensical but autocorrect had to be an ass for correcting me so I'm roasting it for being a bad helper
  9. Don't blame the program when it's "user's error." Be an adult and accept your mistake. Don't blame others or in this case auto correct on YOUR mistake.

    Did I do this correctly?
  10. hellbound put your big boy pants on and roast me back instead of farming scouts at me. The game is to roast whos above you...
  11. Shockwave, hm.
    Such an interesting name, did your gym teacher give it to you?
    I wouldn't be surprised, I can tell by your writing that you have big sausages for hands.
    Probably called you Edward SausageFingers in high school, ayyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  12. No but my gym teacher did teach me how to type and spell :3 ayyyyy

  13. Wait, so did they call him Shockwave or sausage fingers?
  14. Your name reminds that I should change t it from zorkay to porkay cuz you love kas's sausages and maybe just maybe you'll be he next miss piggy
  15. Are u like 4 years old....if so good roast.....if then
  16. What are you? Stranger dander or Kermit the frog impersonator. If the second then no I'm not 4 I'm 24 dawg or dawgette
  17. You speak English well for having a foreign name
  18. You can tell that Nef just graduated from being a twelvie but still listens to eminem, plays call of duty and probs licks a couple tummies because he had to repeat a grade.

  19. Dead meme (get it )
  20. No.