Rip Redstar

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  1. Well there goes kaw funding we'll be stuck with pimd and smash
  2. Redstar is cella and cella is redstar. Only a loss to the devs
  3. lol they left because they didn't want to get stripped like Teja I imagine
  4. Beyoncé and Jay Z not making hits anymore so they're out of money to spend.
  5. It's funny, both him and Cella still hiding allies.
  6. Nooooo!!! :cry:
  7. Here is the story: Cella ask Red quit and she'll marry him..and now they're busy making little red cells . Littlebunny is the best !
  8. That's the devs wages cut in half.

    Farewell big red giant.
  9. You guys are all noobs if you can't figure out what's going on with the LB
  10. Lol you need to cite your sources
  11. Good riddance. RIP scumbag
  12. I think Prime is the first to say what I was thinking. Makes you wonder why so many big spenders quitting. And now the top 2.
    I imagine they would know when to bow out before anyone.
  13. Idk what the big deal is... Red,silph & cella are the biggest runners in kaw lol. For years they sat at top of zaft and then when ppl start getting stripped they hi tailed it straight outta there lol. What a joke and good riddance
  14. i think its sad to see them go.They've been at the top forever.and anyone who started at the bottom and worked and climbed their way up to be number 1 for so long deems respect. Big changes gonner happen now in kaw with their exit in 2016 .a big shake up in the L.B .i wonder who will take over their spots.Take care Kaw's golden couple.
  15. It was a good run. Now the LB is going to go crazy. Notice how many of Redstars alts leave LB starting with Rambo.
  16. Worked and climbed their way up? You mean bought their way up?
  17. Redstar gone?

    The doomsday is near...

    Prepare for KaW servers shut-down...

  18. Devs are probably crying now... Dev 1 "Guess we need to run more events" Dev 2- " But we have them all the time! Can't fit anymore"
  19. I agree. This is the end of kaw.
  20. It is the beginning of the end to come.
    The plague has started!!!!