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  1. I have been missing GaW a lot lately for some reason. I miss the iG vs ZAFT war that was there since the beginning of that game.... WWT was still the best! Miss everyone who played with me there!! RIP GaW
  2. You're like 3 years late, but same.
  3. No support. Or support? Idk instructions unclear burned my house down
  4. I feel ya man miss the good old days
  5. I hear ya there, I was in the Tank alliance. Was fun at times got boring but still miss it. R.I.P. Gaw, was short lived with a long lasting family
  6. i miss the money i spent there.
  7. :) GaW still lives. Mostly all of us who moved here to KaW are around somewhere…
  8. Couldn't have put it better myself
  9. I have respect for all the old GaW og's
  10.  somewhere....over a rainbow
    A full on double rainbow even 
  11. Rest In Peace.
  12. You respect people who played a dead and gone phone app  You're pathetic
  13. It will be rip kaw soon.. with ATA's new game releasing, if it turns out to be the profit machine they're hoping for I'll bet anything they will bury kaw. They wouldn't be getting kaws playerbase to beta test it if that were not the case
  14. I was one of them fool, your point doesn't make sense. Who cares if the app got killed off that doesnt take away from the fact. baby bionic the type of boy to wake up and ask his mom to make him a bowl of cereal
  15. I didn't even like gaw. Was just fun stripping nubs because most people sucked
  16. The world could use a little more respect. You can start by showing some
  17. Zeth till death o.o
  18. Gaw was the goat of all games
  19. damn what happen to GaW just heard it and FC were shut down is ATA ok?? is kaw next??
  20. Plunder wars yup