Riddles: For fun

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  1. Oxygen xx
  2. Here's a good one

    500 begins it
    500 ends it
    5 in the middle is seen
    The first of all letters
    The first of all figures, take up their stations between
    Put all together and you will bring before you the name of an eminent king

    Who is it?

  3. Chicken
  4. nope
  5. Wait is it that really smelly fruit durian or whatever it's called?
  6. There's so much stuff that tastes better than it smells. Ones on a chick and I can't say it or I'll get silenced. Chitlins. Lobster. Oysters. Mainly all seafood. Lol
  7. that is all opinion! i need facts
  8. What tastes better than it smells?


  9. Do me wrong, and I'll make you cry,
    On and on with the middle eye,
    Some like me, others are fickle,
    be warned, this riddle can be a pickle!
  10. There's still one here....

    Next time look at the last riddle before posting pls we'll get confuse here.....
    But we can still solve both just don't post again without the other finished.

    DCDVA0? That's hard....
  11. Close though Alaissa. Roman numerals were the right direction. :)
  12. correct!!
  13. I put it in the wrong position :p and some wrong guess....

    Back to your riddle........ Bully? Chalk? :/
  14. On and on with the middle eye.

    this will probably give it away, but is the best line to try and solve....
  15. Can I ask you something? Is:
    Even a part of the riddle?
  16. I'll guess a needle