Riddles: For fun

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    I'm not a nerd. I would like to be called a noob than a nerd -_-

    Peace nerds  but I'm not a nerd at all....

    Sky high up,
    Makes us nap.
    A friend of sparks
    And the night's mark
    What is it?
  2. Nope. But near :)
  3. ^A comet?
  4. Nope :)
    You got pretty far there
  5. Trustful is censored?
  6. Correct! :D

    Another edit: Who wants to give another riddle? crack? :) everyone is free to give theirs just make sure it isn't (or something) if you are going to invent as well.....
  7. I am an extremely rare, glowing metal!
    I can be bought using Gold, up to a maximum of 6 the holder can have! Daily limit of 36 of me can be purchased!
    I am used to either cast spells such as Voice of Reason or Battle Fury,
    Or to buy a permanent equipment costing
    50-1,000 of me.

    What am I?
  8. mithril

    What tastes better than it smells?
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    America is the best country in the world :)
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    Philippines is
  11. And sean, please make your riddles rhyme and a little more challenging.
  12. He doesn't know if how to make one :)
    and maybe he hadn't heard of riddles before :)
    @crack garlic?
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    north west europe
  14. nope :)
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    Nah, all are the best! :D

    done :cool:

  16. I have to tell u this is not dirty

    Through the hair and through the skin that's the way I put it in

    What am I on about?
  17. the first question haven't been answered yet.
    but since you have already post..... we can solve both or solve this when we are stuck in the other :)