Riddles: For fun

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  1. Just for fun :)
    But I may be inactive for a long while, so you are also free to ask a riddle :)

    Note: Post a riddle after the last riddle has been answered to avoid confusion.

    A man with an unkown story
    He may be noble or haughty
    But you must always be careful
    For you may be doomed by being trust ful

    (That last word was censored even though it wasn't a vulgar word)

    Goodluck for the luck! :)
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    Nope :)
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    Guess what, I just invented this :)
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    French fries?
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    McDonalds is red
    Big Macs are blue
    Your a fat ass
    Are you American too?
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    My riddle wasnt answered yet... I think it is harder than I expected...
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    And I am not an American...
  9. I realize from my friend that there are two answers... I just told her the answer and I'm gonna make a new one. Feel free to post another riddle :)

    The answer is either "stranger" or "love" and I'll consider that she answered it instead :)
  10. Bumping because I wanna make a riddle thread but there is one already
  11. O.O........... You can make one.........
    This is a thread that was ignored by others anyway.......
    I would even like to lock this if it was bumped.....
    Make your own if you want. This is a fail anyway
  12. I am gained through quests, epic battles and attacking other players.
    I can be used in the following ways:

    To buy allies,
    To buy pots,
    To explore lands and upgrade existing buildings
    To create a new clan!

    And if the holder who's holding me lost an attack or steal, I am gone.

    Who am I?
  13. You sir, are Gold
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  15. An Eb fairy but decent in pvp.
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    That's because you are from the Philippines.. Most likely a pinay nerd 
  17. For what?
  18. I am in the forums, created by a player as the poster.
    I can be on any kind of topic the poster wants.
    Then, other players make their replies and opinions on the me.

    If I am considered low-effort, or spam,
    Or even other players necrobump me to Active Topics without reason,
    I will get locked by a moderator.

    What am I?
  19. a
    A troll.