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  1. So been bored recently so ive decided to create some riddles and try them out on the intellectual masses of kaw lol. Ty gods of egypt for bringing these fruit to bear. Good movie aswell lol.
    First riddle:

    What have you recieved but not held on to? What fills our mind to replace with even more? What am i?

    First winner gets a 5 stack of lvl5 xenoswarm bows

    Ive decided im going to first create the riddle but if you guess correctly you win a prize.

    Alright first winner is grim90
    Answer: knowledge "posted in wc before"

    Second riddle: what has come and gone always noticed but not always loved?
    The answer was tomorrow. thankyou to the winner
  2. So what's the puzzle/riddle?
  3. Is it ... cabbage ? O.0
  4. Knowledge
  5. Literally any type of information could fit this riddle
  6. Sorry reposted the riddle to be better read. Its been a long time since i made a quality thread so take it easy
  7. True but if were quick i posted the answer in wc after i posted the riddle the first time and also riddles have many possibilties but only 1 right answer
  8. A lady of the night
  9. Charm farming alts
  10. Memories?
  11. KAW updates.
  12. Your mom.