Reward Dungeon

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  1. What? think about it, if you only get 1 spin a day, then you might not even get legendary once in a whole year. But then you don't want it to be lower because then too many people will be getting it in a short space of time. And I never took business as a subject so I don't expect myself to be good at anything related to it.
  2. Keep showing me how much your butt still hurts. Please. I haven't laughed this hard since our last argument.
  3. Please argue in pm, don't want my thread getting off topic. Or argue on walls if you are as big as you make yourself sound. Thank you :)
  4. Rekt lmao
  5. Support. It would be nice to see this implemented.
  6. Since I know your small brain won't get this, I'll explain the fact that he was talking to us both.

    Now please, continue to make me laugh, I'll need to get more popcorn at this rate <3
  7. I'm not making myself seem big at all lmao.
  8. Jackson and Twinky, get off the thread, OP has asked you, any further discussion can take place elsewhere.

    Ruining contributive threads on forums is just never helpful to anyone.
  9. It was more aimed at you twinky as you are the one causing more of the disruption. So it would be nice if you only commented about the idea of this thread and not about others in it. Again, thank you :)
  10. Support๎€Ž
  11. Thread back on track now I hope.
  12. Out of respect to Delta, sure.

    Side note, i support this idea, i simply dont believe ATAs greed will let them implement it, and if they do, itll be twisted into another money making scheme.
  13. Great idea! Support
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  15. I don't even know
  16. I like this idea. A sound reward as a login bonus/attraction. Support.