Revolution : The Fight For Holy Hongovar Lands

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  1. I'm thinking to make my first novel... Support me ok?

    Chapter one : The Beginning
    Chapter Two : The down of Trustinion empire
    Chapter Three: The Beginning for a new cruel empire
    Chapter Four: Vishnaghi the cruel Empire
    Chapter Five: The start of a new revolution
    Chapter Six: Revolution I
    Chapter Seven : Revolution II
    Chapter Eihght: The Great War
    Chapter Nine: Lose The Great War
    Chapter Ten: Clan
    Chapter Eleven: Last Revolution
    Chapter Twelve: Revolution War
    Chapter Thirteen: The Clan losing The Revolution
    Chapter Fourteen : The South Army
    Chapter Fifteen: The Real War
    Chapter Sixteen: Vishnaghi The Destroyer
    Chapter Seventeen: The New Era
    Last Chapter: The New Dinasty

    Support Me!!
    #New Writer Here
  2. If hv incorrect words don't mad at me :) XD
  3. Some of the chapters feel a bit repetitive ,but other than that sounds good! Good Luck!
  4. But in all serious, enjoy yourself
  5. The hungover lands ? That's my place any given weekday. I sense much plagiarism, and where's my royalties already 
  6. Either he has to pay you royalties or by your admission you have to swear fealty to those lands
  7. I solemnly swear fealty to the hungover lands. 
  8. It's a wonderful idea in the sense of giving us a story based on the chapter titles and letting our imagination run with them. But when u actually do go to write maybe tone them down. Ie the beginning of a cruel empire change to a cruel dawn. Sort of add mystery at the beginning and hindsight on the chapter name when the story unravels. I don't usually post on these threads but the backdrop is one i would read.
    Good luck op. 
  9. I'm writting the sorry. In 1 month i will release first chapter... :)
  10. Well good luck! Hope it'll be a good read :)
  11. Beautiful. I like what I'm seeing.

    The tapestry of the story is 1345AD.
    In the deserts of Persia

    Oasis, Palm Trees, Mountains of Sand Dunes, Arabian Horses, Lady Warriors in Bikinis, Men who cook at home, Women who ***** in council meetings, little toddlers waddling around, an azure sea, windy and breezy mornings, swaying palm fronds.

    How does that sound?
  12. Love the concept! Just advise to use spellcheck on the regular words :D because autocorrect is ridiculous -.-
  13. World War 1 is well remembered as "The Great War". Movies like Joyeux Noël illustrate to us Europe had not developed the hate level achieved by 1938. "The Great War is taken and locked in History.
    I wish you luck op as I don't pray 4 anyone. This is a challenging art form on an often waisted audience.
    I think we would all agree some amazing artists in all fields have passed through kaw.
    Nihilistic ppl abound in this game and even in our clans. Just tolerate them or ignore and march on. Cheers
  14. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, hey why is that lady taking a dump right in the middle of a Council hearing?